When playing for more than a couple of hours; stop, get up, go outside and get some exercise and fresh air. You will reap the rewards of making fewer mistakes; and your body would probably appreciate the change of pace. Never hold a kicker (an unpaired card held with a pair) in video poker because they add no value to your hand. Play the same kind of machine all of the time and you will learn to know the best play automatically.

Don’t hold three cards trying to get a straight OR a flush only do so in certain instances for a straight flush. It is easier to draw to an outside straight (_5,6,7,8_) than an inside straight (5,6,_,8,9). You can complete your hand by getting the card you need on either end. If you are new to Video Poker try playing Jacks or Better. It has an easy-to-understand strategy. Look for full-pay machines for higher payouts such as 9/6 for Jacks or Better and 9/5 for Deuces Wild. Don’t hold three cards of a straight except for K-Q-J Don’t hold three cards of a flush- do not hold three cards of the same suit unless it is also a potential straight flush. 

 Always play the maximum number of coins as this is the only way to get a big payoff on a royal flush. I send out a short newsletter about 4 times a year;

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 please consider subscribing to my newsletter When searching for the best odds for Jacks or Better video poker, look for the odds on the full house. The best odds I have found are paying 9:1. Most casinos pay at 8:1. I have seen a few that pay at 7:1. You will notice on the “Tens or Better” video poker games, that they pay only about 7:1. That is where they make up for being able to pay on “Tens”, they shave the payouts on the bigger pots.

Also keep an eye out for payouts which might be paying 9:1 on full houses, but are shaving on the next set up or down. Become aware of the payout schedules and then you can easily avoid video poker games which don’t offer the kind of odds which can actually be slightly bent to your favor;…… providing you play right.

Now most of us aren’t going to have the kind of knowledge to give us that slight edge, but all the more reason to at least take a few minutes to be knowledgeable about the odds which your video poker games pay out. Remember, you don’t have to remember the whole payout chart. A good rule of thumb is to check the payouts for the full house line.

If your casino is paying 9:1, you’ve got an exceptional good deal more than likely. 8:1 is the average and acceptable. 7:1 and I would look for another casino that appreciated my business a little better.

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Rosalinda is a game theory analyst and an avid reader. She loves studying old casino cultural history. Her friends refer to her as an interesting nerd.