In games like NLHE then sooner or later you will be involved in big pot situations. While many players argue that it is unavoidable to lose money in big hand versus big hand situations… reality then this isn’t the case. Let us look at the game of PLO to highlight what we mean. In that game then the nuts or other very strong holdings are going to be dealt a lot more frequently and this is especially the case in big pots.

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So if the board was 10d-9d-6h-6c-4s and you held the 6d-4d for a full house then you could never be confident of your hand being the best hand in PLO than you could in hold’em. If both you and your opponent had deep stacks then in PLO you would almost be certain to be facing 10-10 or at the best least 9-9 both for larger full houses. This means that hand selection is of vital importance in PLO and starting hands like 3c-3d-2h-2s are only hands that can win small pots.

If you hit the flop then you will make bottom set and that is a long way away from the nuts unless you make quads. In PLO then the number of hand combinations is what tends to cause players to gravitate towards the nuts in big pots. However in full ring games like in NLHE then the average mentality of the players is risk averse. Players may not realise this but it is the natural way of things in full ring cash games.

So when we see a big pot in full ring in a deep stacked situation then we are going to be looking at another big hand in the same way that we are in PLO. It is just that these big hands will not happen as frequently in NLHE as they do in PLO. However it is still the case that we need to be very mindful of our hand selection in NLHE full ring games and what type of pots we will be looking to build.

Let us look at a hand like 4c-4d as an example. This starting hand will either miss the flop or make a set with the emphasis being on missing the flop. However when we miss the flop then our decisions are pretty straight forward as we either bluff or give up. However it is when we make a set that our situation could potentially be dangerous. Yet players when they make a set are ecstatic to have done so.

Not all sets are the same though and 9c-9d on a board of 9h-5s-4d has a chance to cooler a smaller set while if it is you that is on the other side of this then you are going to lose a lot of money. Now this isn’t to suggest that we don’t play pocket fours……of course we play them. It is just that we have to be very mindful of making a set with them and then the pot escalating out of control.

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