Editorial Reviews. Review. It is unfair that Sir Jim Corbett, along with his phenomenal hunting The Man-eating Leopard of Rudraprayag by [Corbett, Jim ]. The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag has ratings and 84 reviews. Apratim said: This is a book set in Garhwal in book comes from an age w. It was on 2nd of May, when ‘Jim’ Corbett finally nailed the notorious man- eating leopard that had terrorized travelers and villagers on the.

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A dead-fall was constructed—three huge spiked logs propped against a tree, their lower ends resting on a stick. Haven’t had a chance to dive into them yet, but looking forward to it. Never in his life, Jim spent so much time and effort to bag a single animal.

Leopard of Rudraprayag – Wikipedia

Engrossing till the end. There are no roads yet on which vehicles run. When his source of “easy meat” was cut off when the pandemic ended he simply began to hunt humans. Jun 17, Subhankar Das rated it it was amazing. Leopards total of the big cats declared man-eaters in Uttarakhand in the past 13 years.

Apr 20, Prabhat rated it really liked it. Corbett’s notes revealed that this leopard, an elderly male, was suffering from serious gum recession and tooth loss.

We took its food, its home. Read it for yourself. Love the book and Rudraprayag’s adventures It was the last book Jim Corbett wrote while still in India.

The Pinjore Dun was covered by a thick forest in the 19th century and was famous for its wildlife including tigers, elephants and even lions.


As I write this now after just having put the book down, I can assert that this is one heck of a story, narrated in a manner that is hugely engaging — This is simply among the best books to be found anywhere. While driving towards Mandhana along the major district road to Nahan you cannot possibly miss the prominent sign post of the Green Park Resort […]. I thought and talked about Zorba until I had my wife worried.

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag

The book shows Corbett’s immense respect towards animals, he never mentioned leopard as a beast and treated him with respect. Aug 15, Messages: Well of course these numbers are always inflated CAustinSep 22, Of the 11 declared a threat to life in the past six months, seven were leopards.

The best village hunters followed the trail as far as they could but always it disappeared. He talks about the innocence, humility and the rich culture of people in these hills of India with reverence and sincerity.

Between andthe Rudraprayag man-eater killed six people in Chopta village, accessible only via a narrow mountain path.

The Legend of the Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag : Morni Hills

Once he was caught in a trap, but freed himself before the shikaris arrived. Log in or Sign up. The rain softens ruxraprayag hard compacted red clay of the Shivaliks […]. The least pressure on the stick, and the logs would drop.

It would bring tourists round the year, unlike during just the pilgrimage season. In Decemberthe Uttarakhand High Court ordered a ban on the killing of big cats declared leopagd, seeking rehabilitation instead.

If I remember correctly you can down load Jims books at Archive. View all 3 comments. The beast struck terror into the hearts of the inhabitants of the town for eight long years. The leopards, on the other hand, leave them alone if undisturbed, adds Tripathi.


Aug 03, Karanvir Singh rated it it was amazing. There is another change. Whether this is what happened of not it sounds logical.

The man-eating leopard(s) of Rudraprayag

He had just won a district shooting championship, and thought he was up to the task. Corbett held the rank of colonel in the British Indian Army and was frequently called upon by the government of the United Provinces, now the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, to kill man-eating tigers and leopards that were harassin Edward James “Jim” Corbett was a British hunter, turned conservationist, author and naturalist, famous for hunting a large number of man-eaters in India.

This would give her a chance of escape if the unforeseen happened. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

The Forest Survey report shows that sq km of forest that acted as a buffer between the jungle and cultivated land in the state has manaeter run over by projects. It was in the tiny village of Rudraprayag, in Western Garhwal, near the Himalayan Mountains that the man-eater was first seen. The leopard is so hard for Corbett to take down that he requires the assistance of peer and government official – Ibbotson, who creates an efficient reporting system wherein whoever spots the terror or has any news as to it’s whereabouts is to report to Corbett as as possible and by doing so he receives a reward of ten rupees.

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