Record indicates that the first game of Bingo was played in Italy back in the 1500’s. The beginning was a game-type lottery game called “Lo Guioco code lottery” or “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”, which still played today, albeit in another form. During the next two centuries, the game has started in other countries in Europe, and we can prove that the early 1700 had the game in France. At this moment of the game came to an end, and the cards were used and token, and for the first time the actual figures have been read. Bingo was born! The next century saw the game in Germany and for the first time was Bingo for educational purposes to help with spelling, and to remember multiplication tables.

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Bingo America up to 1929. The first mention of the report Thursday in America has been in Atlanta for the Georgia Carnival. It is said that a local businessman Edwin Lowe saw the man play the game on the carnival and was surprised, as has been assessed with many players in the game until the night. Edwin Lowe quickly understood the potential of the game and improves the reproduction of materials with dry beans to reduce the number and the numbers from a card and, for real bingo cards. He has the game to New York and his friends, he loved. Rumor that one of his friends were also excited to play the game, he shouted that instead of Beano Bingo, if it is a game won. Bingo modern now arrived. Lowe’s Beano or Bingo game consists of a set of 12 cards and a card of 24. Bingo was a huge success and the 1940s were in America.

For the years 1940 to Bingo is a global phenomenon, with over 60 million bingo players worldwide. More than 50,000 bingo halls have been in America, and Bingo was popular in the United Kingdom in 1960 the onward journey to the point that any small town had at least one bingo hall-test.

In the last four or five years of online bingo is booming, and millions of players now play bingo on the Internet from countries around the world. Bingo was also up in other media like television and many countries now have TV Bingo. TV Show dedicated Bingo has already delivered the main cable of the United Kingdom and TV channels around the world. Strong growth is also in this sector in the years to come.

But this is not no bingo and keep the new frontier is Mobile Gaming. Bingo is already the fastest growing mobile reading, although this technology is still in its infancy. In the coming years, there is a projection of the massive growth of mobile telephony, the market for gambling Bingo is tilted, the driving force.

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