Blackjack is one of the most strategic games in casinos and has been the subject of numerous statistical theories and books. If you are learning to play blackjack, you may hear other blackjack players talking about basic strategy and card-counting techniques. 

Blackjack Strategies  

The Basic Strategy The Basic Strategy is a blackjack strategy that has been developed over the years by looking at statistical probabilities in order to work out when a blackjack player should hit, stand, double down, and so on. 

By doing so, blackjack experts and statisticians believe that they can dramatically reduce the house edge. If you would like to know more about how the Basic Blackjack Strategy was developed, visit our History of Blackjack page. 

The Basic Strategy is actually a very complex blackjack strategy and blackjack players use tables of hands to tell them what action they should take depending on the value of their hand and the value of the dealers hand. The tables differ depending on how many decks of cards you are playing with and the rules of the particular version of blackjack that you are playing. 

Blackjack Strategies  

Card Counting Card counting is a blackjack strategy used by blackjack professionals and experts. It involves keeping track of the cards that have been played and using this information to try and predict which hands are most likely to come up in future hands. There have been numerous books written about card counting, and statisticians believe that card counting as a blackjack strategy can be successful. Many casinos will not allow card counting in blackjack games and will remove blackjack players who catch card counting, although it is not actually illegal. 

However, card counting is an extremely complicated blackjack strategy and is not recommended for the complete beginner playing blackjack. Blackjack Strategies – Hints and Tips Here are a few other hints and tips for playing blackjack: Try and play some free games of blackjack before you gamble any money on it so that you can practice and get to know the rules. Most online casinos offer free blackjack games while Interwin slot and blackjack. For more information go to our Top Blackjack Sites page. 

Always concentrate on the game. Unlike games such as roulette or baccarat, blackjack is a game of skill and you need to pay attention if you are going to win a game of blackjack. Never play when you are tired and try not to let anyone else distract you. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Dont be tempted to play just one more hand after you have reached it. If you are playing blackjack online, you can always switch back to playing free games once you have reached your limit. Don’t take the insurance bet. Try and play straightforward blackjack games with a low number of decks if you are starting out and keep practicing your strategy. There’s no point in playing a complicated multi-decked variation of the game before you have mastered the basics of blackjack.

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