> >. Model EJXA. Differential Pressure Transmitter. Yokogawa Electric Corporation. Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, EJXA Differential Pressure Transmitter – Yokogawa Supplier product_fld- ejxa. The high performance differential pressure transmitter EJXA features. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Yokogawa EJXA User Manual • Yokogawa Sensors.

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I nstall the transmitter at least h mm below the Figure 3. This cap must be removed before connecting the piping.

EJXA | Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Yokogawa’s differential pressure transmitter with multi-sensing DPharp sensor, can measure both process variables DP and SP with a single transmitter. To configure and activate the process alarm function and Connecting with the commercial AC power supply status output, it is necessary to set some parameters.

Safe plant operation has long been pursued in all industries. All Yokogawa pressure transmitters are designed and certified to IEC This manual also for: Yokogawa manufactures a communicator for your needs.

Changing the Direction of Integral Indicator Some competitors have proprietary process connections that do ejjx110a more than lock you into buying their product as replacements. Although analog sensors are good, the modern DPharp sensor out performs them. Two transmitters will always cost more than yokoawa transmitter.


Unlike competitor’s transmitters, the indicator is not driven off the 4 to 20 mA analog signal, but, exist on a separate circuit. This instrument has been tested and certified as being intrinsically safe or explosionproof.

YOKOGAWA EJX110A Installation Manual

ENENC With the recent dramatic advancement of fieldbus technologies, information processing technologies, and yookgawa speed, it has become possible to process various kinds of information inside the field sensors and transmit the results to the distributed control system DCS and host computer.

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Plants run better with Yokogawa differential pressure transmitters. Be careful not to damage Tap valve Drain plug the threads when removing this cap. Add g and h.

Basically, the Yokogawa DPharp sensor has a larger operational envelope compared to an eejx110a sensor. The DPharp sensor is an active sensor. Multivariable transmitter hart communication type 52 pages. Pay special attention to High vacuum applications.

The ability to extract diagnostic information for prediction and prevention from various physical process quantities measured by devices and make it available allows the user to reduce non-essential and non-urgent maintenance and thus cut maintenance costs.

Such applications include tank strapping or flow measurements; but, it can be used in any application where the relationship between the pressure input and the desired output signal ylkogawa known.


So, theirs can compensate for temperature Effect; but, since the SP measurement is missing, it cannot compensate for Static Pressure Effects. Rugged Construction Ruggedly constructed differential pressure transmitter can help your plant reduce failures.

Installation of an Explosion-Protected Instrument Yokogxwa Piping Connection Examples Yokogawa’s DPharp digital sensor offers twice the performance and stability of the competitor’s analog sensors. Add HART 7 manual.


The function is used to compensate the analog 4 to 20 mA output signal for non-linear applications. Giving these three pieces of process data, Yokogawa’s transmitter can compensate the DP measurement for Temperature Effect and Static Pressure Effect in real time.

Installation of an Explosion- the following precautions when selecting the installation Protected Instrument location. Do not pull the cable or subject it to excessive mechanical shock. At it’s heart, Yokogawa’s Differential Pressure Transmitter with DPharp digital sensor offers the performance and device intelligence needed to get greater insight into your process. Yokogawa pressure transmitters have construction features that are designed to allow it to outlive your plant.