Let’s Check Out The Pro Gambling Tricks

When you decide to enter into the gambling world, you need to follow some essential tips and tricks. Without having a strategy in mind, you can’t be a winner. Most beginners face lots of complications while playing casino games online. If you are also one of them, then you should learn the basics as well as some crucial tips provided by experts. Always create a plan and then play the game accordingly. It helps to be a pro player and earn a good amount of money.  

While playing casino games, you should take care of some essential things. It is also important to take some important tips into consideration. Let’s discuss the tips and tricks which are used by professional gamblers- 

Manage your bankroll 

Playing casino games without managing your bankroll is one of the big mistakes which you are doing. Whether you are playing judi online or other casino games, you need to manage your bankroll. With the help of this, you can avoid huge losses and get some other benefits. Always decide a certain amount of money that you can afford to lose. Set your limits, and never go beyond them. 

Analyze your opponents 

Having a good strategy in mind can help beginners to win casino games, but they should always keep it updated. All they need to do is to analyze their opponents. With the help of this, they can learn new strategies and tactics which help them to be a winner in the future. 

Never go against your odds 

If you are losing the game again and again, then you should stop playing at online casinos. With the help of this, you can avoid huge losses. You should close the game and start playing it the next day with new energy and confidence.


Gambler’s “Swank:” The Story of John Law

In gambling, if you have the most capital to start with, before any wagering is engaged in, the odds are always in your favor. That is why the casinos in Vegas eventually and unfailingly come out ahead. All they have to do is keep you playing.

Gambler’s “swank” has to do with giving the “appearance” and impression that you have the means and endurance to win. It has to do with attitude. You must be a good actor to “stay in the game”. Good gamblers pit their skills against other gamblers in order to give themselves an edge at the gaming tables. In other words, you’ve got to act like you belong there in the first place.

Expert gamblers always look out for competition for this is a level playing field where everyone is engaged in one-upmanship and back biting which is why you would see regular bouts of battle through games like JasaQQ or poker.

To the extent that you are able, you don’t want to pit your skills against the house, because you will inevitably lose. This is one reason poker has become the phenomenon it has. Poker players play against other poker players. The house provides the “arena” where the game takes place.

Gambler’s “swank” can be observed in the financial community as well. If you look and act like you belong in the world of deal makers, you give yourself a better chance at success. However, as in the casinos, if you can bring the largest bankroll to the table to begin with, your chances of coming out ahead in any business deal are much greater.

John Law was a gentleman with “swank”, although he took advantage of this phenomenon many years before Vegas. Law was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1671. With no means of support in his home country, Law sought his fortune on the European continent. He discovered his job-related skills had to do with taking other people’s money, which he proved to be very adept at doing. His chosen means of gaining his fortune – gambling, specifically, card games.

Law set up “the Game”, whereby he would act as banker against those who chose to participate. Interestingly, the odds of winning or losing in card games at that time, apparently, did not favor the house nearly as much as they do today. (Kaplan, 2006) However, Law presented himself with such confidence that he would inevitably come away with his opponents money.

What seemed to tip the scales in his favor was “swank”. When Law came to a new city, he would secure the best lodgings and dress emaculately. He would gain the favor of the most beautiful women, who would accompany him during the evening’s play. All of this was his “front”, his “swank”, and his greatest skill was giving himself an air of invincibility. He may or may not have had the largest bankroll at any given time, but he presented himself as someone with unlimited funds and confidence, and he was remarkably successful.

His downfall came when he tried to apply the concept of “the Game” to international finance, “swank” at a very high level. Law established the Banque Royale in Paris, a financial “institute” based on credit (sound familiar?), that proved to be a true “house of cards”. The Banque was backed by bonds issued by the French government, and would provide paper currency to backers. The currency was, in turn, exchangeable for cash.

Initially, Law was very successful, just as he had been in gaming circles. His “Waterloo” came when the Banque issued shares in the Compagnie des Indes, a company formed by Law for the purposes of trading with France’s Mississippi colony. In order to buy shares in the Compagnie, you had to own shares in the Banque. Investors tripped over themselves in order to invest in Law’s trading company. The market value of the company soared, but the underlying income and assets of the Compagnie – government credit, a vague belief in the potential wealth of the Mississippi colony, and Law’s own personal front, his “swank” – created the perfect scenario for financial collapse. Law could keep his financial balancing act going as long as he was able to continue issuing stock and paper bills that traded above face value, as long as people believed in both his infallability and that of the companies he created.

Law’s “pyramid” came crashing down in February of 1720, instigated by the Duc de Bourbon. The Duc, apparently understanding that Law could not continue to take in vast sums of investor’s money without any real tangible assets to back up such investment, redeemed his Banque Royale bills for gold. Panic set in very quickly. Riots at the Banque’s Paris offices, Compagnie and Banque shares collapsed, as did the value of the government’s bonds. The paper currency issued by the bank was worthless. Law’s downfall came because he could not, ultimately, match the equivalent of “house money”, he could not match his investor’s bankroll despite his remarkable ability to present himself as a man of high finance, a “man of means”, despite his uncanny ability to make use of gambler’s “swank”.

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Alas, Viva “Loss” Vegas

Who hasn’t at one point in life dreamed of going to Vegas? Bright lights, spectacular views, and of course, non-stop partying! There is also a well known activity which is arguably the biggest foundation for drawing people into Sin City, the world of gambling. No doubt it is an exciting moment to envision winning it big time, putting all your worries to rest. Sadly, it is a reality which drives many to the brink of playing insatiably; thereby, creating individuals that have lost everything from their gambling addiction. Many who have had the privilege of vacationing in Vegas have had the passion of wanting to just play that one last hand that could bring them riches, only to end up losing more than what they could have even imagined. Fortunately, there are some simple, yet effective ways to help keep Vegas more about the gain of fun times than the loss of all your money.

You all know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so if you want the effective ways to make your games more fun and happening, be sure to be aware of the best casinos in town and also practice at online websites like for a nice session before taking the plunge.

Whatever the Gain, Leave the Game!

Sure leaving out while you’re on top is a logical way of thinking for most, but hearing those precious words “You win!” a few times from having hot hands in poker tends to dismiss one’s common sense. Whether amateur or professional, most gamblers dream of making it big from a winning streak which would rival that of the great Archie Karas. Ironically, the same story of Karas’s historic gain from gambling also serves as a lesson of knowing when to say when before losing the great gain that you have won. Set a budget for gaming and stick with that limit. If you bet $20 and manage to double it with one or a few bets, run away with the gain! According to the American Gaming Association’s “The House Advantage, A Guide to Understanding the Odds”, the longer a person plays, the more likely they will lose overall. So keep in mind that the odds of winning in most casino games generally favor the house instead of you (how else would they be able to afford keeping Vegas lit up so beautifully at night?).

Gambling and Boozing Increases Odds of Losing

Yes the ever so popular drinking of alcohol, serving as both a desired component to a celebratory night out (shown by various Budweiser and Vodka commercials) and a tragic instrument to the likes of violence and drunk driving. Of course there are different views, yay or nay, when it comes to this controversial beverage, but what can be agreed upon by most is how its intoxication tends to diminish one’s rational judgment. That being said, most casinos in Vegas happily incorporate the free drink perk along with their lineup of addictive gambling attractions. This cleverly disguised hospitality from those mercantile gaming arenas blend a no pressure to drink approach with the hard to decline delightful offer of free booze during play! With the fun fluids steadily pouring in, your wallet slowly submerges into the world of seemingly endless betting without adequate personal funds to match. In that regard, drinking and finances are about as compatible as Samsung and Apple, where the thought of combining the two successfully remains a derisory concept.

Less Gambling, More Sightseeing

Treat Vegas as a getaway, not a get-rich quick scheme! Though it is a rush to partake in the many forms of casino gaming, it is not the only source of attraction. Take the time to appreciate scenery such as the pyramid-like structure of the Luxor, or the statues of the “Talking Gods” found in Caesar’s Palace. Experience the city’s famed nightlife at various clubs like Pure Nightclub at Caesar’s Palace, VooDoo Lounge at the Rio, or Rain Nightclub at the Palms. In fact, witnessing the free ( yes, free….not a typo) spectacular pirate show, the Sirens of TI, outside of Treasure Island proves how just walking down the Vegas strip will open minds to new levels of excitement and entertainment (not necessarily opening up your wallet completely too).

It’s no secret that one of the biggest exhilarating and alluring aspects of Vegas stems from its open world of gambling; however, it could also turn the time of your life into your worst nightmare when you approach it irresponsibly. Knowing when to say when, maintaining a clear head during play and seeing what else the city has to offer will undoubtedly keep greater odds of having a good time in you favor.