We often associate casinos with men, but these days, women are slowly making their marks in the industry. There are world renowned women poker players, brick and mortar casinos are constantly employing more women, and of course, the number of female executives in this male-dominated industry is slowly increasing.

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In an industry where men are traditionally paid higher than women, casino employment is now becoming a promising career path for females. There are many positions to fill, albeit most are entry level. This doesn’t mean, however, that there’s no room for growth. Take for example Nancy Ballenger, the Vice President and manager of Bettendorf’s Isle of Capri. She entered the industry 23 years ago and worked her way to the top.

The casino industry is definitely tough, but once you are inside, it has tremendous rewards that go beyond the financial realms. On-site training is often provided so that you can improve your craft. In this article, we will look at the opportunities that await women in the casino industry.

Floor Worker

A floor worker is anyone who works on the main gambling floor including the slot and table game areas. She could be a guard, bar tender, slot attendant, or a custodian. They are often required to wear a uniform and have polished looks with no tattoos or loose hair. Her salary is often at par with minimum wage, but tips often raise their rates. People who have inclinations toward customer service and those who are sociable are perfect for this job.


A casino cashier is known as a cage worker. These workers often begin with the minimum wage, but they can advance with experience. Their job includes handling of large amounts of money on a daily basis so they must be extremely responsible and organized. If you have previous experiences with handling money, either as an accountant or a cashier, you have better chances at getting this job.

Pantry Worker

The job includes preparing the food that is served at the hotel-casino resort’s restaurants. Duties revolve around food preparation including cleaning, cutting, chopping, and storing. Depending on the facility, a high school graduate with at least a two-year work experience could be required. The salary sits on the low end of the pay scale.

Valet Parking Attendant

A valet attendant must have a driver’s license and should be able to comfortably operate all types of vehicles. A high school diploma is usually required and, depending on the establishment, some experience in valet parking might also be required.


Formal training in casino dealing is a requirement. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to learn how to be a dealer. Most courses take up to eight weeks or less to complete. During this dealer course, you will learn the rules of the game and the regulations of the state. You also have to work on your skills.

Despite the shaky economy that we are experiencing these days, the casino industry remains to be a growing industry. The turnover is high but those who persevere are often promoted quickly. If you feel that you have the skills and you are equipped to handle the pressures of working in a casino hotel, go ahead and start your career in the industry.

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