Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. On practical Occultism, as defined by Blavatsky, supported by quotes and articles by her theosophical contemporaries, like Damodar, W.Q. Judge and Subba. Quotes from Classic Theosophical writers like H.P. Blavatsky, W.Q. Judge, the Mahatmas Koot Hoomi and Morya and others. Practical Occultism. Col. Wr. XIII, p.

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And this could only lead him to fail in one or the other, or perhaps in both his duties. Strict asceticism in the midst of the world is more meritorious than avoiding those who do not think as we do, and thus losing an opportunity of showing them the truth.

For it is the motive, and the motive alonewhich occiltism any exercise of power become black, malignant, or white, beneficent Magic. Keeping the present case in view, we see a man highly susceptible to magnetic impressions, ignorant of the nature of the “materializations” and, therefore, unable to protect himself against bad influences, brought into contact with promiscuous circles where the impressionable medium has long been the unwitting nucleus of evil magnetisms, his system saturated with the emanations of the surviving thoughts and desires of those who are living and those who are dead.

Full text of “Blavatsky Practical Occultism”

I will go farther and say that one such journey, performed with the omnipresent idea of the practicla object, and with the help of a fervent will, is sure to produce more rapid, better, and far more practical results, than the most diligent study of Occultism in books – even though one were to devote to it dozens of years.

But it is only the trained eye of the proficient in Eastern Occultism, that can fix the flitting shadows and give them a shape and a name. Spirit of the New Testament, p.

Mahatma Letters to Practicall. Before the disciple shall be per- mitted to study ” face to face,” he has to acquire preliminary understanding in a select company of other lay upasaka occultisjthe number of whom must be odd. But even putting aside these diffi- culties, which may be considered ” ex- ternal,” though their importance is none the less great, how are students in the West to ” attune themselves ” to harmony as here required of them?


Hence the first and chief necessity of Chelaship is a spirit of absolute unselfishness and devotion to Truth; then follow self-knowledge and self-mastery.

It is the teacher who makes the selections according to the magnetic and electric natures of the students, bringing together and adjusting 2 18 PRACTICAL most carefully the positive and the negative elementsj 4. Let him not take a burden upon himself too heavy for him to carry.

Esoteric Studies Guide: Practical Occultism

Book learning – and here I refer only to the subject of Occultism – vast as it may be, will always prove insufficient even to the analytical mind, the most accustomed to extract the quintessence of truth, disseminated throughout thousands of contradictory statements, unless supported by personal experience and practice.

The true Yogi [says]: If we can enter upon a path of evolution, by which 1 Man, J. I moved to catch at flowers so rare, but they eluded by grasp and suddenly disappeared, leaving me much disappointed.

All this is either unknown or left out of sight altogether. Such persons are temples in which dwells the spirit of the living God; but if the temple is defiled by the admission of an evil passion, thought or desire, the mediator falls into the sphere of sorcery. But untill they are fixed only on that state wherein there is neither reward nor punishment, good nor evil, it is in vain that he endeavours. Try also with con- sistent attempts to conquer the promi- nent weaknesses of your nature by developing thought in the direction that will kill each particular passion.

Thus it is clear why the ” Teachers ” are so reticent, and why “Chelas” are required to serve a seven years’ probation to prove their fitness, and develop the qualities neces- sary to the security of both Master and pupil.

Practical Occultism

How contrary to Western notions of affection and good feeling! I am sorry to be compelled to tell you, that the prize of Wisdom and Power must be won through danger, trial, temptation, the allurements of sense and all the besetments of this world of matter which they counterpoise, hence antagonists of spirit.

He who does not care for Heaven, but is contented where he is, is already in Heaven, while the discontented will in vain clamour for it. Their forefathers have driven away the followers of the only true philosophy upon earth from India and now it is not for the latter to come to prractical but for them to come to us if they want us. Anxiety is the foe of knowledge; like unto a veil it falls down before the soul’s eye; entertain it, and the veil only thicker grows; cast it out, and the sun of truth may dissipate the cloudy veil.


Such causes pro- duced have to call forth effects and these are evidenced in the just laws of Retribution.

For, unless the intention is entirely unalloyed, the spiritual will transform itself into the psychic, act on the astral plane, and dire results may be produced by it. What mother would pccultism sacrifice without a moment’s hesitation hundreds and thousands of lives for that of the child of her occyltism This alone can bring true satisfaction; 2 Knowledge increases in proportion to its use — that is, the more we teach the more we learn.

All my aspirations are for good etc. In the last case, of course, ten to one the student would blossom into a very decent kind of sorcerer, and tumble down headlong into black magic. In the West men think that their own likes and dislikes of other men and things are guiding principles for 28 PRACTICAL them to act upon, even when they do not make of them the law of their lives and seek to impose them upon others.

Dgyu-mi requires faith – rests on authority. This first condition seems easy enough to accomplish, yet — on further consideration, it is one of the most difficult ones to obtain.

And it is useless for the disciple to strive to learn by means of checking himself. Things which now appear indispensable and necessary would cease to be useful ; if we could transfer our consciousness with the velocity of thought blavataky one part of the globe to another, the present modes of communication would be occltism longer required.

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