Poker is not just a game but is a huge business that affects and employs hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide. Especially now with the internet and the rise of platforms such as bandarq, the scope of how many people involved can be staggering. With this being said one side of the business is the internet poker software which dictates how good and interesting your favorite poker site looks and plays.

Different types of internet poker software:

Obviously, there are many different kinds of free poker software that you can download depending on the site, and normally the biggest and best poker sites, whether it’s internet poker for free or for real money, use the most advanced software to ensure their sites look and operate the best!

There are far too many different types of internet poker software to list every feature they have offered, but as stated, generally the most popular sites have the best and most versatile software options on the net. To give you an idea of what the various types of software are on the internet poker networks, we have gathered some info on a couple of the most popular sites, and what they offer.

All poker games internet are played from poker software, which is kindly provided by poker rooms, which, in their turn, are skins of definite internet poker networks. Softwares are different in each poker network. Some networks are one-room networks and players can play at that network only after they register an account at a definite poker room.

Best internet poker software:

Some poker networks allow players to play at their poker software only if they are coming from Europe or the USA, or some, let’s say if the players are coming only from Italy.

The best US internet poker software is Poker Stars, Full Tilt, Cereus, Cake, Merge, Bodog. And the best European internet poker software is Party Poker, iPoker, OnGame, Microgaming, 888, Entraction, Everest. The biggest poker networks with the most popular poker software in the world are Poker Stars, Full Tilt, Party Poker, iPoker, OnGame.

The best poker rooms and networks on the internet:


Truly known for having the best internet poker software, PokerStars is definitely one of the biggest and best overall poker sites and is dedicated to serving the serious poker player. Whether you want to play internet poker for free or try your hand at a real money game, their free software download will have you playing in minutes, with players from all over the world. They have great graphics, statistics, player’s notes, chat options, and an added feature is the individual time bank that lets you take your time to make important decisions.

Full Tilt Poker

Another world-leading poker site that has free download internet poker and excellent software are Full Tilt Poker. The site’s functionality is outstanding and includes comprehensive statistics, a high level of stability and security, and you also are able to play real money as well as free internet poker games They have a different type of set up, with cartoon-like avatars that many people like, and an added feature of being to resize the table to your liking.

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