Book Review: “Unconditional Parenting” by Alfie Kohn. I often recommended to parents an article by Alfie Kohn called “5 Reasons to Stop Saying Good. Unconditional Parenting has ratings and reviews. In this truly groundbreaking book, nationally respected educator Alfie Kohn begins instead by. 54 quotes from Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason: ‘Even before i had children, I knew that being a parent w.

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Kohn is not idealistic- he humorously includes stories of raising his own two children and reminds us that the most important things a parent can convey are a sense of kindness, respect and caring attention. I couldn’t have predicted how relieved I’d be to learn that other peoples children struggle with the same issues, and act in some of the same ways, mine do.

10 Principles of Unconditional Parenting | Natural Parents Network

Over and over, the author would present compelling research about how parenting with rewards and punishments doesn’t necessarily get you a kid who’s more compliant. See 1 question about Unconditional Parenting…. Celebrating and Taking Stock Lists with This Book. If a child leaves their raincoat at school, we’re supposed to let them get wet the following day. And that’s going to happen a lot.

Synopsis of Unconditional Parenting By Alfie Kohn

Alfie Kohn knows what everyone else is doing to warp their kids. At first I was annoyed that my husband was bugging me read this book since he was the one who bought it AND hadn’t read undonditional.


Just One Thing What if God gave us a “time out” everytime we yelled at our kids? Punishment now only makes a child angry, it simultaneously provides them with a model for expressing that hostility outwardly.

Kohn turns conventional “wisdom” about “discipline” on its head. Relationship Repair after an Affair: He is also willing to suppress or downplay his own needs in order to accommodate his child parehting more frequently than I am willing to do so.

How to Get Inspired in Your Relationship Don’t say thank you because it’s polite; that’s not much of a reason at all.

Sometimes the assumption that kids are testing us even becomes a rationalization for punishing them. Nov 18, Sarah added it Shelves: Do we need candy and stickers unconditiinal let us know that we did a good job on something? This book seems like it was custom-written for the white- suburban-college-educated mommy that I am.

Unconditional Parenting Quotes

In a section about being authentic with your child, there’s a really solid point unconditiinal the power paarenting apologizing to your child. I didn’t realize that those deep-breathing exercises mothers are taught in natural-childbirth class dont really start to pay off until long after the child is out.


Oct 08, Jeanine70 rated it liked it Shelves: Neil is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever listened to. Partly because they become less likely to take risks — a prerequisite for creativity — once they start thinking about how to keep those positive comments coming.

Inner Bonding with Margaret Paul Are You Addicted to Love and Relationships? My seven-year-old has responded amazingly well to Kohn’s approaches some of which we had figured out ourselvesand I feel as close to her as I did when I was a single parent, she was still my baby, and we were an inseparable two-some. I don’t beat them, also, because I am privileged enough to have learned the lack of effectiveness of corporal punishment in uncondiitonal long run as opposed to other more humane methods.

Jun 27, Jenny rated it really liked it. He would say that he just puts off those restrictions until absolutely, utterly, no-choice necessary. Nobody wants to be loved by another adult contingently. Instead he presents a simple thesis that using unconditional love and acceptance, along with reason, teaching, alfle leading by example will give children the best opportunity to become happy, healthy adults.