Source ACMC direct from stocking distributors and other suppliers. Find ACMC parts and datasheets using netCOMPONENTS, the world’s largest. SNVSN –JANUARY –REVISED MAY LPN/LPN Series of Adjustable Micropower Voltage Regulators. Check for Samples: LPN. » Datasheets» Поиск ACMC. getting query ACMC searching datasheet pdf is found, procesing please wait.

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Finish options are separated by a vertical ruled line. Without this capacitor the device oscillates. The output voltage trip point approx. Quiescent Current Figure Regulation is measured at constant junction temperature, using pulse testing with a low duty cycle. This reference plane serves to assure accuracy of the output voltage, shield noise, and behaves similar to a thermal plane to spread or sink heat accm the LDO device.

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Designer agrees that prior to using or distributing any applications 22951 include TI products, Designer will thoroughly test such applications and the functionality of such TI products as used in such applications. During a current-limit event, the LDO sources constant current. Page numbers for previous revisions may differ from page numbers in the current version.

TI is not responsible or liable for any such statements. Successfully implementing an LDO in an application depends on the application requirements. Thank you for your participation! All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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This acmcc supply must be well regulated. Use of TI Resources may require a license from a third party under the patents or 9251 intellectual property of the third party, or a license from TI under the patents or other intellectual property of TI. One such feature is an error flag output which warns of a low output voltage, often due to falling batteries on the input. Schmitt trigger wikipedialookup.


The minimum input-output voltage ranges from 40 mV to mV, depending on load current. Designers are solely responsible for compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements in connection with such selection. This information is the most current data available for the designated devices. Such equipment includes, without limitation, all medical devices identified by the U. This figure is the comparator’s built-in offset of about 60 mV divided by the 1. Negative feedback wikipedialookup.

Alternately, but not recommended, the DAP may be left floating that is, no electrical connection. This resistor may be returned to the output or some other supply voltage depending on system requirements. This grounding and layout scheme minimizes inductive parasitics, and thereby reduces load-current transients, minimizes noise, and increases circuit stability.

Where TI specifically promotes products as facilitating functional safety or as acjc with industry functional safety standards, such products are intended to help enable customers to design and create their own applications that meet applicable 291 safety standards and requirements.

At lower values acnc output current, less output capacitance is required for stability. Input and output capacitors are selected in accordance with the Capacitor Recommendation section.


Categories 2915 technical documents, support and community resources, tools and software, and quick access to sample or buy. Nonlinear operation occurs when the output voltage is held low enough to force the output stage into output current limiting while trying to pull the output voltage up to the regulated value.

Information regarding or acmf third-party products or services does not constitute a license to use such products or services, or a warranty or endorsement thereof. Opto-isolator wikipedialookup.

Line Transient Response Figure If a line is indented then it is a continuation of the previous line and the two combined represent the entire Device Marking for that device.

Designer represents that, with respect to their applications, Designer has all the necessary expertise to create and implement safeguards that 1 anticipate dangerous consequences of failures, 2 monitor acm and their consequences, and 3 lessen the likelihood of failures that might cause harm and take appropriate actions. Life-critical 22951 equipment is medical equipment where failure of such equipment would cause serious bodily injury or death e. For the worst-case situation of a mA load at 1.

TI has not conducted any testing other than that specifically described in the published acnc for a particular TI Resource. The circuitry is not intended to replace proper heat sinking.