GEODETA Magazyn Geoinformacyjny ul. Narbutta 40/20, Warszawa telefaks 87 44 faks 41 63 9 ~geoikar/ [accessed 20 November ] Geodeta: Magazyn Geoin- formacyjny (Geodeta: Ge- oinformation Magazine) – MG. Geodeta. Magazyn geoinformacyjny, nr 8 () / – Ewa Prejs, · Geodeta. Magazyn geoinformacyjny, nr 2 ()/ – Redakcja Magazynu Geodeta.

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Advanced stabilisation and orientation solutions for industry and defense.

Our comfortable office with repair center, test lab, and GNSS reference station is located in Krakow, southern Poland. At the turn of the recent years, a great revolution has taken place in the field of surveying techniques GPS technologies, technologies of surveys without reflectors of hard-to-reach obstacles.

Navstar system — the GPS technologies are becoming more and more friendly and competitive in comparison to the classical methods. Being in close contact with world’s best experts in our field, we are able to add value to our products by customised training, tech support and repair services.

Krakow is well connected city with international airport.

We focus on being professional and thus help customers to succeed with our solutions. Inertial systems based on FiberOptic Gyros – both economical and precise. At present — thanks to lifting of disturbances in satellite systems for civilian purposes e. Vandals on GPS Frequencies “.

Sieci GPS do kontroli – Geodeta : magazyn geoinformacyjny – Tom nr 6 () – BazTech – Yadda

We are authorised dealer. We offer consultation, user training, technical support and repair capability. PL we msgazyn obstacles on a way to our customers success. Innovative and affordable RTK receivers for mapping and survey. We offer ability to test our solutions; our customers benefit with localised support, warranty and repair.


Data Sources in Precision Farming”. The concept of a dynamic network is nowadays not only the field of scientific notions.

The methods of map production and visualisation of natural phenomena have been developing along with the increase of calculation and technological potentials of computer-based equipment. In we have geodera to the new, comfortable office in Krakowwell connected with airport gedoeta the A4 highway. In close cooperation with Polish State Forests we intrduced automated spray control avionics for aerial forest protection services.

Geoeeta Polish geodesy is on the verge of new technological and organisational era joining the European Unionhas got a great chance and is just committed to cultivating the good tradition of Polish technical thinking, which has been always appreciated all over the world.

We have reserved parking spaces for customers.

We welcome to utilize our almost 20 years of GNSS experience. Below we show formal letters of refferal form well-established geodets received after many years of good cooperations with GPS.


We created franchising system for production of soil maps useful for Precision Farmingand delivered thousand hectares of mapping services for leading farms. Our system bacame de facto standard. UK Precise timing, jammig detection. Dynamic networks become to be an everyday life issue.

GEODESY OF THE 21ST CENTURY | GeoSat | Geodeta Szczecin

Welcome to use our 20 years of experience; we are in contact with best experts in our industry. Our customers are also located in Czech Rep. We are business partner.


Increase in the number of satellites in next systems Glonas, Galileo, … causes that the initialisation time in RTK methods is significantly minimised, and the static methods have got additional indeterminacy solutions, which improves and increases the strength of established geodetic networks and provides much greater possibilities in the field of accuracy analyses of networks.

The GPS system — as one of the methods of satellite surveys — allows for execution of a survey in any place on the Earth, in any time of day and night, within a freely defined system of co-ordinates in a real time.

In the age of modern technologies, geodesy — as a science and a field of engineering life — has not remained neutral. Ignoring of the already proven systems digital map, dynamic networks that have proved to be useful in highly developed countries for years, would put us in an out-of-the-way locality of other countries that have admired us in many cases and derived from the achievements of our science laser, gravimetric equipment, superconductors, ….

Operating in Poland and central Europe, we focuson B2B sector companies and institutions. Miodowa i ul.