LT77 Gearbox Service Repair Manual PDF Free Download. Language: English Format: PDF Pages: 18 Size: Mb. my Haynes manual is too scared to take on a gearbox (perhaps with good reason !) so, Im trying to find an overhaul manual for an LT Here are various Workshop Overhaul manuals for a range of Land Rover Gearboxes. Defender LT77 Gearbox Workshop Manual · Defender.

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This covers the two types of LT85 as used in the V8 90 and Defenders. Not a manual, but a very detailed tech thread on lr4x This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

The “Stumpy” or sh…. Videos to show what each type of LT77 comes with.

If your serial number starts with any of the following then you have a longstick: What they arrive with: If you would like to register then please Click Here. The ‘D’ and ‘E’ are very similar the only difference being the reverse gear was a little fatter in the E.

Once the parts are picked the first step in the build process is to lay the parts out on the bench for inspection, the gears and shafts are closely inspected paying particular attention to the condition of the dog teeth and the wear pattern on the gear teeth. How I so wish I had access to this detailed disassembly and rebuild back then! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


LT77 Gearbox Service Repair Manual | Free Download

We are able to supply the R ro fit a 2 wheel drive car application with Rover V8 engine. Once built, the unit is stamped with a number and a spec sheet filled out giving us info on the unit specification, who built it, when it was built and exactly what parts were fitted.

Also a much wider pump was used to increase the lubrication and cope with the fact that some of the LT77’s were now being supplied oil cooled, ie V8 NAS 90, 3.

If black you have an LT77, Please go to the LT 77 section to see a video of where to find the serial number. If yes, you have an R Video of a LT77 being built.

LT77 – 5 Speed manual Diagrams

Media New media New comments. Hover over image to zoom. We can supply the Mwnual gearbox to suit the P38 Range Rover. You must log in or register to reply here.

It may be that you will need to send your own unit to us for reconditioning or as an alternative you could consider upgrading to the direct fit R replacement.


Your Shopping Basket Your basket is empty. Log In or Register. The ‘H’ termed the LT 77S was the same as the ‘G’ in terms of strength but used a different synchro set up called the’Double Synchro’, In reality it didn’t work much better.

LT77 Gearbox Service Repair Manual

Home Manual Gearboxes LT Note V8 only, not PS10 4 Cyl. During my ownership from new, my Range Rover covered more thanKms and never missed a beat.

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We do not supply the earlier Series landrover 4 speed gearboxes. Messages 1, Points Please do not proceed to the payment stage unless you are ready to order.

The LT77 was introduced to the Landrover tl77 in approx with the suffix ‘D’ box and was developed over the years to the suffix ‘H’ which was last used in Will accept the LT77…. Messages 53 Points