Logical Chess Move By Move has ratings and 56 reviews. Paul said: If I could live my life over again (ah, if only) I would make one simple change. I. All 33 games from Irving Chernev’s book Logical Chess: Move By Move (Every Move Explained), Faber & Faber ; New Algebraic Edition B.T. Batsford, . Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev. This classic chess book of annotated games written by prolific chess author Irving Chernev explains the.

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In this popular classic, the author explains 33 complete games, in detail, move by move, including the reason for each one. Loical James Stripes Historian, chess enthusiast, fly angler, educator View my complete profile.

Logical Chess Move By Move: Every Move Explained New Algebraic Edition by Irving Chernev

APRIL 4, 2 years ago. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Feb 9, 1. Candy Cane Classic 1 day ago. So I have to admit that I am more than a little biased.

Does Nunn have valid points? Above all others I’d recommend this to people who have a bit of chess interest but think reading a book will be too hard.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Logical Chess was originally printed in descriptive notation and reprinted in algebraic notation.


The units on the second board often get pushed out-of-sorts when a creative mind debates the various possibilities that could have been played instead. While they may not be for all those who end up being grandmasters like Nunn, I think they are worthwhile to thousands like me who have continued learning this game because of their influence.

Playing Chess in the Beautiful Tuscan Countryside 3 years ago. It teaches fundamentals of openings and middlegames in a way that few other books can. Grandmaster Techniques from A to Z. The reader sees what is happening and how the position changes with each turn as dhernev author explains the why.

The book occasionally sacrifices accuracy for brevity, partly as the author did not have access to a computer.

It’s a terrific first book because the commentator Chernev cchess the logical thought process, or at times lack thereof, behind the moves in classic games.

I say that as a beginner myself.

This invites a sacrifice. Tim Hanke Tim Hanke is a U.

Chernev targets primarily players who are not masters and therefore need first principles hammered home, early and often. You love her to bits, and because of that you don’t really want to mention the When I ended up on the Czech border with the Cav in the early 70’s, the king’s pawn was the universal opening. Confessions of a chess novice. Dad beat me every game we played from 6 years logial to the ninth grade.


Irving Chernev Just as we give babies soft food because it requires no chewing and is easily oogical, so Chernev nourishes the infant judgment of lower-level chessplayers with easy, plausible rules to guide their faltering footsteps. Nevertheless, I’ve found my rating rise from somewhere around to just over in the reading of these pages.

Barnet Elizabethans Chess Club. You have to make some allowances for its age. For me this filled the gap between the Masters’ books that i do not understand talking about positions 6 moves down the line, and beginners’ books that tell you how the knight moves. The section on the kingside attack was immediately applicable to my own games, and I adored the included Capablanca games. There is also a sufficient number of diagrams so that you won’t get too lost as the game progresses.

In his kingside attack section, which features some nice games the ‘culprit’, and eventual loser, often moves his rook’s pawn forward a square.