In , a photo album created by Höcker came to the attention of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; the. The album belonged to Karl Höcker, the adjutant to the final camp commandant at Auschwitz, Richard Baer. Höcker took the pictures as. Picture from Karl Hoecker album. Author: SS photo. Foreground (from the left): Richard Baer, the third and the last commandant of KL Auschwitz; Dr Josef.

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The Holocaust was diverted by laying Berlin in nuclear ruins early in WWII, settlement in Israel – however – failed and so several million Jews were settled post-war in the Alaska panhandle It akbum to include American Nazi collaborators who funded the enterprise.

Historical pictures and documents / Gallery / Auschwitz-Birkenau

I had no ability to influence these events in any way…neither did I want them, nor carry them out. Only miles away on the very same day, prisoners Jews and non-Jews arrived on a transport to Auschwitz.

A large group of SS officers visit a coal mine near Auschwitz. These people were human beings At the beginning of the war, he was drafted into the SS Fighting Corps, and in he was sent to work at Neuengamme concentration camp, near Hamburg. So Hocker’s album is incomplete. He was sentenced to nine months that he never served.

Josef Kramer was the commandant of Auschwitz-Birkenau. He regained his job as a Chief Cashier of the regional bank in Lubbecke. They, along with other American industrialists, helped the Nazis rise to power.

The museum obtained the photos from a retired US Army intelligence officer, who came across the album in an apartment in Frankfurt and has slbum given them to the museum. They believed that what they were doing was for the good and welfare of their own people. Its director was W’s grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush. In summer of SS staff counted 4 SS-men.


Höcker Album – Wikipedia

Twelve SS auxiliaries sit happily on a fence railing eating blueberries given to them by an SS officer. He was released after serving five years. His father, a bricklayer, died in the First World War, leaving his family impoverished. SS staff hospital in Auschwitz Author: That day, the U. He was a major player in the Holocaust, serving at Majdanek when tens labum thousands were killed in ; at Auschwitz-Birkenau; Neuengamme; and Dora.

Laughing at Auschwitz – SS auxiliaries poses at a resort for Auschwitz personnel, 1942

He performed selections of deported people. The front row consists of left to right: SS photo Foreground from the left: Hoeecker album was passed on to the Holocaust Museum in by a retired U. He should have been hanged. Singing to release the stress: Incredibly, after the war, the principals were returned their blood money, and that is the beginning of the Bush hodcker, and the bloating of that of the Harrimans, Rockefellers, and others.

He describes their lives and families and jobs. Aftermath, trials and commemoration. SS officer Karl Hoecker shakes hands with his dog Favorit. He executed many prisoners at the “Wall of Death”. According to Rebecca Erbelding, the museum archivist who received the album from its donor and first recognized its significance, “the album reminds us that the perpetrators of albuum Holocaust were human beings, men and women with families, children and pets, who celebrated holidays and took vacations My thoughts finally started to come together about these photographs when I was reading Max Sebald’s early book Hoeecker Immigrants.


Their homes and businesses long since appropriated see this recent art case, for exampletheir memory gone. Johann Paul Kremer Author: SS officers drink together. A fragment of a painting from a wall inside the SS kitchen. One of the hoeckeg is that of Max Feber now in self exile in Manchester, England.

One of camp offices Author: Not only does Perel survive though, but he is considered a war hero by the Nazis, forwarded as an exemplary Aryan, sent for an elite Hitler Youth education at a Berlin Academy and almost adopted by a high ranking officer. They knew they were being sadistic, acting out some kind of gamer fantasy for real, but deep down – in fact probably not that deep down at all – they knew what they were doing was wrong.

But, who were these people that carried out genocide so lightly? He is also the only person in the album to appear alone in any of the images. The site and on the sides of the subsidiaries are used cookies.

Thoughts on photography and what inspires it – books, poetry, film, art. A number of the photographs show officers relaxing in the company of young women—stenographers and typists hoeckre were known generally as Helferinnenthe German word for female “helpers.

The SS Officers and their wives and girlfriends enjoying everyday life.

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