Jesse Lauriston Livermore was one of the very first traders to have become famous for his incredible risk taking, his gregarious method of. The most fabled trader of all time is probably Jesse Lauriston Livermore. In fact, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, a thinly veiled fictional. Jesse Lauriston Livermore was born on July 26, , and started his trading career at the age of 14 as a “chalk boy”, posting quotes for stocks.

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Wikiquote has quotations related to: Let this thought be written indelibly upon your mind. During his youth Jesse was fascinated pauriston numbers. Things have been bad with me. Speculation is a hard and trying business, and a speculator must be on the job all the time or he’ll soon have no job to be on.

Jesse Lauriston Livermore

All he knew was that when he got a gut feeling he was wise to follow it. There are times when you should be completely out of the market, for emotional as well as economic reasons.


Once again Jesse Livermore, without a dime to his name, returned to the bucket shop scene with a mission to make another fortune. All through time, people have basically acted and reacted the same way in the market as a result of: Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Some of Livermore’s trades have become legendary and have led to his being regarded as arguably the greatest trader who ever lived. Can’t carry on any longer. He had discovered that his bucket shop strategies were not effective in his new environment. But it is jwsse after a stock operator has firmly grasped this that he can make big money. There is some speculation that this partnership between the two men was not their first collaboration.

Jesse Lauriston Livermore – Wikipedia

When everyone thinks alike, there isn’t much thinking taking place. This was in when Livermore was only When you are doing nothing, pivermore speculators who feel they must trade day in and day out, are laying the foundation for your next venture.

Love Laurie” After reading it, it send jessf throughout my body. I am a failure. SittingMadeTrading. Yes, my password is: PeopleFoolObvious. This post was written with great care and respect for Jesse Lauriston Livermore. The floor in the apartment wasn’t level.


Do you already have an account? Livermore was Metz Noble’s third husband; her second husband, Arthur Warren Noble, committed suicide in after losing all his money in the Wall Street crash.

RealCommitmentInvesting. ThinkingCan Not.

But being wrong — not taking the loss — that is what does livermre damage to the pocket book and to the soul. On September 16,Dorothy divorced Livermore on grounds of desertion.

Jesse Livermore suicide | Elite Trader

Livermore was married three times and had two children. In short, no pun intended, Mr. His second divorce had taken a toll on his mental health and he lauuriston unable to trade with the same success as he had previously managed.

She either drives everyone to the brink or she knows a good hitman.

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