Intizar Hussain has 58 books on Goodreads with ratings. Intizar Hussain’s most popular book is Basti. Published November 15th by The New York Review of Books (first published ) Intizar Hussain was a prominent Urdu writer, this book is an English. Intizar Hussain BOOKS. Sort On. Publishing Date, Title, Author Name. KHAWABOON KAY MUSAFIR ^ – خوابوں کے مسافر. By:INTIZAR HUSSAIN DRAMA.

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Sep 30, Zanna rated it really liked it. For more guidance, see Wikipedia: Boos a publisher with a inyizar novel was usually very difficult, so while I have written many novels, the short story was the form I found very useful intisar turned to frequently.

I don’t mean that politics or history are sidestepped – rather the opposite, we are inside them in a way that makes it impossible to look down on the situation from above. Basti is a definite improvement. Mar 05, Aaron Typographical Era rated it liked it Shelves: There were, however, some be A short story about the partition and the waiting for war. Apr 01, Kishwar Jaffer rated it liked it. Here you will not find a history that steps from event to event explaining the cause and effect of each.

This novel moves through different periods of time in India and Pakistan’s history, centered around a protagonist who grows and in the second part of the book interpret the events that befall his family, his home and country. Mata rated it really liked it. I read this as someone who thinks you need look no further than religion and colonialism to see why, today, the world is set to explode.

But it got just too scattered and weird for me as it progressed. While reading it at various points i thought to myself i want to read this in Urdu.

Oct 16, The Book rated it it was ok Shelves: But Zakir is abruptly evicted from this paradise—real or imagined—into the maelstrom of history. The story moves from one location to the next, as it does from the present to various moments in the past. Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution.


Zakir – the ‘he’ of this novel – keeps going to the garden. I suppose that was deliberate in terms of depicting how we experience thought and memory but it made for a very slow read in parts.

The book is translated from Intizar Husain’s Urdu by Frances Pritchett who says, “My goal has intizaar been to make the characters sound like Americans. There is a very helpful glossary, though, which I wish I’d discovered earlier in the book.

Remembering Intizar Hussain: One of the Great Urdu Writers | Literary Hub

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He wrote short stories, novels and poetry in Urduand also literary columns for Dawn newspaper and Daily Express newspaper. I read this as a pacifist, and an isolationist, though I suspect the latter is foolish. It flows from him being in a state of mental turmoil to a stoned man pondering over mythical tales with a lot of metaphor and multiple layers of text to intense history and the state of decadence the period goes through during conflict.

I am walking on flies. Not a beach read, more like a book I’d recommend reading as part of a modern Asian history class with a teacher that can give more context and flesh out the symbolism as well as the literary and cultural references that make up so much of the book. Mar 03, Karandeep rated it liked it.

It is, however, a challenging book.

Telegraph Culture Books Authors. There is also frequent reference to important moments in Indian history such as the war ofwith Britain, that I didn’t know anything about. Imtizar dissolves the border like chalk-pictures erased by rain. This book is poignant and at times wrenching. May 05, PaulDalton rated it really liked it.

We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Loaded with Manicheist imagery of father vs. There was a lot of brutality, misinformation, bias, bloodshed and upheaval from both events and no cathartic national process instead we just moved on a chose to believe hussai convenient truth which suited each side. That said, I did think the writing came across beautifully in translation.

A model attribution edit summary using German: Accoding to Bookd Mufti, who writes on the back cover, “Urdu is “the strangely homeless language produced out of interactions between the vernacular of north India and those of the Islamic Near East, Persian and Arabic in particular.


Remembering Intizar Hussain: One of the Great Urdu Writers

Farrell, skewers the British, but except for two characters kept in a cage, he doesn’t really personalize the native Indians. The new country of Pakistan is born, separating him once and for all from the woman he loves, and in a jagged and jarring sequence of scenes we witness a nation and a psyche torn into existence only to be torn apart again and again by political, religious, economic, linguistic, personal, and sexual conflicts—in effect, a world of loneliness.

While this book wasn’t completely terrible by any means, it was a slog to get through and the writing style was jarring to say the least. Zakir wanders between the events of his present day, reminiscing about the past, and then, as the book goes on, into dreams and visions, retellings of myths and history that blend into each other so seamlessly that you’re not sure you’ve departed from the here intkzar now until suddenly you’re in a town where most of the inhabitants have been beheaded — but they are still intiizar and walking around and talking.

Bastiby Intizar Husain. Hussqin rapid changes between first and intiaar person were a bit of an irritant and parts of it were a stream of consciousness that I found repetitious.

Intizar Hussain, Pakistan’s ‘greatest fiction writer’, dies at 92

You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan D.

Though actually this is beautiful book, filled with lyrical memories of exploration in time, place, and faith. Intizar Husain was born in British-administered India and migrated to Pakistan in Somehow, at some point, her hand came into mine. Srinivasa IyengarK.