IEC 60529-1 PDF

IEC 60529-1 PDF

IEC DEGREES OF PROTECTION PROVIDED BY ENCLOSURES (IP CODE). operational equipment) must, according to IEC , belong to a specific type of protection. The types of pro- tection are also called IP codes. The abbreviation. IEC & NEMA Standards. ENCLoSurE ProTECTIoN rATINg SySTEMS. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has established an.

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The tests for the second characteristic numeral are carried out with fresh water.

Full text of “IS/IEC Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP CODE)”

In no event shall the depression exceed 2 kPa 20 mbar on the manometer shown in figure 2. To carry and rotate the specimens when determining the protection against water. ISO Accredited in Scope calibration. The osciiiaihrcpabe has -spray holes over the whole ” of the semicircle.

IP Protection Degree (IEC ) Explained

For undated references, the latest edition of the normative document referred to applies. S Empty enclosures If the enclosure is tested without equipment inside, detailed requirements shall be indicated by the enclosure manufacturer in his instructions for the arrangement and spacing of hazardous parts or parts which might be affected by the penetration of foreign objects or water.

The access probe shall not touch hazardous live parts. The maximum acceptable radius of the oscillating tube is 1 mm. This system can produce the required levels of pressure to perform even the highest level of the IP Code jet nozzle tests.

It provides IP codes by an additional letter A, B, C or D if the actual protection of the persons against access to hazardous parts is higher than that indicated by the first characteristic numerals.

In the case of the test for the additional letter B, the jointed test finger may penetrate to its 80 mm length, but the stop face 0 50 mm x 20 mm shall not pass through the opening. The wording in the table is not exactly as used in the standards document, but the dimensions are accurate.

BS EN 60529:1992+A2:2013

This means that the full diameter of the sphere shall not pass through an opening, in the enclosure. Enclosures where the normal working cycle of the equipment causes reductions in air pressure within the enclosure below that of the surrounding air, for example, due to thermal cycling effects.


The manufacturer of the final assembly shall ensure that after the electrical equipment is enclosed the enclosure meets the declared degree of protection of the final product.

Letter Significance M S W High-voltage apparatus Tested for harmful effects due to the ingress of water when the movable parts of the equipment for example, the rotor of a rotating machine are in motion Tested for harmful effects jec to eic ingress of water when the movable parts of the equipment for example, the rotor of 605291 rotating machine 1 are stationary Suitable for use under specified weather conditions and provided with additional protective features or processes NOTE In the first edition of IEC the letter “W” with the same meaning was placed immediately after the code letters “IP”.

This’ maximum voltage should be considered when the dielectric test voltage and the adequate clearance are determined. For enclosures without drain-holes, the relevant product standard shall specify the acceptance conditions if water can accumulate to reach live parts.

The relevant product standard shall specify details such as: Gracie May 28, The object of this standard is to give: If an enclosure provides different degrees of protection for different intended mounting arrangements, the relevant degrees of protection shall be indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions related to the respective mounting arrangements.

Where more than one supplementary letter is used, the alphabetic sequence shall apply.

Facebook Linkedin Google Plus Twitter. Also includes manual mode for flexibility. Unit comes with ISO compliant NIST -traceable Certificate of Calibration, one year warranty, tech support, measurement data is available at a nominal charge and cases are available. Product Details High-precision manufactured and is made of Stainless steel. The talcum powder used shall be able to pass through a square-meshed sieve the nominal wire diameter of which is 50 jim and the nominal width of a gap between wires 75 jim.

If, with a maximum depression of 2 kPa 20 mbarthe extraction rate is less than 40 volumes per hour, the test is continued until 80 volumes have been drawn through, or a period of 8 h has elapsed.


Up to and including second characteristic numeral 6, the designation implies compliance also with the requirements for all lower characteristic numerals. Is there a governing body that runs the tests, or do the companies do the test on their own and submit the results somewhere? Unless otherwise specified in a relevant product standard, the test samples for each test shall be in a clean and new condition, with all parts in place and mounted in the manner stated by the manufacturer.

The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. However, the tests establishing compliance with any iex of the lower degrees of protection need not necessarily be carried out provided that these tests would obviously be met if applied.

The signal-circuit method should also be applied to the hazardous moving parts of high- voltage equipment. Conversely, an enclosure which protects equipment against ingress of particles will also protect a person from potential hazards within that enclosure, and this degree of protection is also defined as a standard.

The rate of water flow and the spraying time per unit area are as specified in Additional letters are only used – if the actual protection against access to hazardous parts is higher than that indicated by the first characteristic numeral – or if only the protection against access to hazardous parts is indicated, the first characteristic numeral being then replaced by an X.

Certain conventions are, however, not identical to those used in Indian Standards. Internal barriers are considered part of the enclosure as defined in 3. Rain Spray test apparatus model RTA sold separately. In general, if any water has entered, it shall not: Table 3 – Degrees of protection against water indicated by the second characteristic numeral o S 3E CD 00 I CO First characteristic numeral Degree of protection Test conditions, see Brief description Definition Non-protected – – 1 Protected against verticaliy failing water drops Vertically falling drops shall have no’ harmful effects

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