: Murder in Amsterdam: Liberal Europe, Islam, and the Limits of Tolerance (): Ian Buruma: Books. A revelatory look at what happens when political Islam collides with the secular West Ian Buruma’s Murder in Amsterdam is a masterpiece of investigative. Murder in Amsterdam: The Death of Theo Van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance is a book by Ian Buruma. The Guardian describes it as, “part reportage.

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Islamic fundamentalism poses a particular problem — or at least is one which has garnered a lot of attention at the moment — especially since it seems at least in many of its currently popular manifestations to be irreconcilable with European norms of tolerance. When Theo Van Gogh was murdered, it made the news even over masterdam. Where their parents were depressed dealing with the maze of the citythe children are schizophrenic.

His acting out fortunately remains mutder extreme example and certainly there’s an interest in keeping those from similar or, iam, any circumstances from following down the same path, but given his unique circumstances it’s not clear what the solutions might be.

Bouyeri’s values were at odds with the prevailing attitudes of his native city. He concluded with a vague hope that reason and civility will prevail.

Murder in Amsterdam – Ian Buruma

No one comes out perfectly clean in Buruma’s book, perhaps because this is a dirty, messy issue without any clear, simple solutions. For his sister to have sex was to impugn the family’s honour.

Unless it’s Basketball, in which case the team goes into the stands. It was a bit preachy and all over the place. A brilliant book, and nothing short of riveting. May 08, Bill rated it really liked it Shelves: The case is too clear-cut: Holland is, in some senses, a special case, but the question this book poses is one that is becoming urgent all over Europe: Denn letztere begreifen nicht, wie sie ersteren in die Falle tappen und exakt den Reflex zeigen, den die Islamisten hervorlocken wollen.

Murder in Amsterdam

The murder in Amsterdam at the centre of Ian Buruma’s book is that of filmmaker Theo van Gogh in November by the Dutch son of Moroccan immigrants, acting “out of faith” because he felt obliged to “cut off the heads of al those who insult Allah and his prophet” in other words, the act of someone entirely deluded and misguided. As the death of Theo van Gogh and the ammsterdam events in Boston demonstrate, it is not the tolerant Muslims among us who want to harm, much less destroy, our western systems and institutions, but rather those who are unable to adapt to the alien, usually unwelcoming, totally self-focused milieu that comprises so much of the western world — and of those, the tiny minority who turn to ultra-extreme and ultra-literal interpretations of ancient texts for solace and asterdam.


Fortuyn war eine umstrittene Figur, galt der traditionellen Linken als Rechtsausleger und war doch nicht so einfach einzuordnen. Coming from a rigid Calvinist family background I am always amazed that a country that is basically rigid yet has the capacity of tolerance, especially in view of the fact that today. I have a clearer picture in my qmsterdam of the events leading up to and the people involved in the murder of Theo bjruma Gogh.

View all 9 comments. I just know that we need to pay attention to the questions. Yes, I can understand how those cartoons are hurtful; yes, if you feel its necessary march, protest, and boycott. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. On a cold November day in Amsterdam, an angry young Muslim man, Mohammed Bouyeri, the son of Moroccan immigrants, shot and killed Ian Buruma returns to his native land to explore the great dilemma of our time through the story of the brutal murder of controversial Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh at the im of an Islamic extremist.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The book is regarded as an early ameterdam of the process of Islamist radicalization and commitment to Jihad.

It was the emblematic crime of our moment: He does have a tendency to treat minority groups as one uniform body, but even this is done with deliberate irony. I don’t know, but I think it’s worth attempting.

I read this book for my book club and 3 out of 4 of us could not get through it, including me. View Full Version of PW. The Theo in the story has been a character from birth, being involved in T. He seems to be a mix of both what Americans would consider Conservative and Liberal.


Buruma argues that murderers like the young Muslim who bruma Theo van Gogh are driven to action by the failure of Dutch society to recognize them as full members of Dutch society, their new homeland. Ian Buruma’s entire life has led him to this narrative: Buruma’s biggest criticism of Ali is that she views all Muslims as potential revolutionaries, which clearly is not the case.

What we are witnessing is nothing new. He is clearly critical of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, but also has a great deal of respect for her– after all, her own political faction has, at times, turned against her simply for being Muslim. The result is Buruma’s masterpiece: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Buruma also correctly identifies that there is a difference between self-proclaimed conservative defenders of the Enlightenment fighting a relatively small religious minority and eighteenth-century Enlightenment thinkers facing off against the colossus of traditional Christian piety.

The author writes of the murder of Theo Van Gogh a controversial filmmaker, personality in Amsterdam.

Murder in Amsterdam by Ian Buruma

Buruma’s book describes the special Dutch conditions and circumstances, and while it is illuminating — even just in the questions it raises offering, as it does, few answers — hardly allows for larger lessons that are applicable throughout Europe much less America, where the immigrant-experience and the immigrant-related issues tend to be completely different ones.

We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. He interviewed and shared the views on this tragedy from multiple key leaders and diverse representative voices.

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