HT-STHX CHANNEL NETWORK A/V RECEIVER/SPEAKER PACKAGE . Subwoofer cable • Speaker set-up microphone • Instruction manual. The Onkyo HT-STHX is a cut above, offering a highly competent HTiB that is far . I had to manually adjust the subwoofer down to It’s also possible to manually tweak these parameters from their calculated values . Performance Onkyo Onkyo HT-STHX Home Theater in a Box Page 2.

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Don’t have an account? See the Video Test Bench for more on this. Even after changing the calibration sequence the system sounded very inaccurate. Unless you have a pickup truck or can remove all the seats in your minivan, you’ll need to rent a truck to get it home, have it shipped from an online retailer, or unpack the individual components at the store Despite the large step up in size and performance compared to other HTiB systems, this system has one thing in common with them—the speaker terminals and included speaker wires are color-coded for a faster setup.

The AVR’s networking capabilities can stream audio content from a wide variety of online providers and access audio files on a locally networked computer or server; it cannot ht-z9400thx video content. It’s also possible to manually tweak these parameters from their calculated values. However, all devices need to be on the same network, so I was not able to test this. For anyone who’s never installed this type of system, follow the colors and you can’t go wrong.


The inputs are labeled to correspond with the labels on the rear-panel inputs, though you hy-s9400thx change the input assignments in the setup menu.

Sennheiser HD Headphones Review. Onkyo didn’t send me a WiFi adaptor, so I couldn’t test this particular function. Performance Features Ergonomics Value. The quality of the drivers seems good, but the enclosures appear quite inexpensive.

Onkyo HT-STHX Home Theater in a Box | Sound & Vision

Here We Go Again. Sound output stopped and some of the menus like LAN, firmware upgrade, and Remote Controller were disabled greyed ht-s94000thx. If you google ‘HT-R no sound’ there are other users complaining of the exact same symptoms just after their receiver goes out of service, or coming to that date. The AV receiver’s listening modes can transform your listening room into a movie theater or concert hall, with high.

At moderate listening volumes, performance was much better than when I tried to crank it. Audyssey does everything THX does better. The Countdown Will Be Televised. I used my iPhone with a USB-to-iOS-device connector and was able to navigate through my music with the Onkyo remote while the name of the song was visible on the ht-s9400fhx LCD and onscreen display. Music From Big Pink. I had to manually adjust the subwoofer down to Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Fluance Unveils 4 Reference Series Turntables.

Onkyo HT-S9400THX Instruction Manual: Explanatory Notes

Submitted by beysic on April 1, – 3: I’m especially happy to report that the speaker connectors are binding posts, not spring-loaded clips except the second-zone speaker outs. The AVR includes two additional channels of amplification for speakers in a second room.


Martinlogan Dynamo X Subwoofer Review. Another item for the plus column is the Qdeo video processor’s performance. A black faux-wood vinyl covering wraps the MDF enclosures, whose sides extend past manaul back panel, creating a squared-off cavity at the back of the speaker. This surround system can produce a discrete or a matrix-encoded sixth channel from. Log in or register to post comments.

Onkyo HT-STHX Home Theater in a Box Page 2 | Sound & Vision

Regrettably though, I couldn’t give it manul coveted Top Pick status because ultimately its audio performance was only passable, not stellar. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. MediaFly, amnual is popular on media streamers, offers several channels of audio content, but no video. Imagine – The Ultimate Edition. In action sequences, such as those found in the latest Star Trek movie, bass was plenty loud but lacked that precision impact when accentuating the action.

At this price point there’s Submitted by techguy on January 26, – Page – Speaker Setup Configuration des enceint See “Speaker Configuration” for the speaker setup.

Home Theater Systems Reviews. Underneath the display ht-d9400thx various buttons to select surround modes and switch inputs, though it’s more likely you’ll use the remote for these. HTiBs are not well known for performing well at high volumes, as they usually don’t have enough power to sustain such volumes without exhibiting various deficiencies.