In the end, but reading is copying. To “read” a file practically means to “copy into RAM”, otherwise programs couldn’t work with it. And once. I am having an issue when I copy a few cells in my Excel then paste, the original selection of copied cells wont un-copy and remains. That would protect against copy-pasting. You’ll have to decide how much of a protection that really is, though – most short questions can be typed into Google in .

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Mark, did u find any other way to copy the content? Thanks for making some neat little tools. The online scan, scanned my computer and came up with technical information that I did not know about on my PC.

They have not even been polite enough to respond to my inquiries. I was having my PC scanned to detect problems. In reply to KaitSmith’s post on June 22, But they key seems to be that font. Hurry Sone 4 months ago. I use it on a daily basis and has become very attached to it. Drag and drop is also restricted in latest version check out madgeektools. Oh and i forgot to mention that ocr, screenshot, snipping tool etc could also be rendered useless.

What occurs if you simply press Esc? Secudrive offers secured USB drives: I have developed a script for that too.

Excel 2016 wont un-copy a selection after paste

You can then paste this into whatever other program you use. The problem is, that some users googling answers. I think I was still using Win 9x during that time. Ita pretty useless to copy the content add a screenshot and post somewhere else.


html – Prevent copying text in web-page – Stack Overflow

An obvious solution is to stop the user having access to cut, copy, paste, delete and rename. All the other tricks which I already knew about did not work…tried Snagit and it worked for getting the information I needed from a webpage. Ironically enough I received a notification this morning on start up that the newest office update includes a feature called Keep The Copy.

I want comments to be valuable for everyone, unclpy those who come later and take the time to read. Thanks dude… Really useful. Basically my position remains: I gave up trying to copy protect my material a loooong time ago. Thank you for your interest in this question.

Add to the discussion.

In addition to select disabling, I’ve seen the following tactic in at least one website: The only thing that comes to mind is to output the questions as dynamically generated images. The scan was done online, automatically, by Reimage which is a part of Major Geeks. Deciphering each font is far more difficult than typing the whole content by hand. I want to be able to refer to the text afterwards, without having to refer to the website.

Of course, experienced users could simply use something like Process Explorer to delete these processes when Task Manager is still disabled.

Copy and paste in a protected worksheet

Note that this question might be found via Google by people who want to override a no-copy rule via a Greasemonkey script or the like on the browser side. So this has legitimate uses too! Example is like a person on a field trip is bring some presentation stored on USB flash drive and show it on field premise to showcase company stuff like brochure, powerpoint, concept drawing, sales figure etc but we do not allowed them to have those file on the USB drive to being able to copied off to client’s PC prptect even their own home without authorization.


Download M File Anti-Copy v4. Or you could possibly delete the codes used to make it unable to be copied?? Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

If you want to protect your pdf files, you can use. You can download it from madgeektools. Ricky There should be no problem. The one asking this question is I think not worried with the print screen option for doing it needs more time. KaitSmith Replied on June 22, Did you find a way to disable the ‘keep the copy’, it’s killing me! Comments indicating you’ve not read the article will be removed.