Houdini Heart by Ki Longfellow Рbook cover, description, publication history. Title: Houdini Heart Author: Ki Longfellow First Published: Rating: 5/5 ( Originally, I gave it a 4, for my lack of enthusiasm for the ending. Compre o livro Houdini Heart na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e They draw you into insanity along with the author Ki Longfellow.

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What a movie it would make. The narrator’s husband considered her his “Houdini Heart”: Then came a long long loooong break during which I did anything and everything but write. I watched it again to marvel at the symbols and signals placed in every frame telling the story visually. neart

Ki Longfellow

She is the widow of a British national treasure, longfelllow complete artist Vivian Stanshall. Getting into this woman’s mind was a dazzling trip.

From mid, when she was very ill with pneumonia, until the death of her husband in MarchLongfellow divided her time between a small farm in Brattleboro, Vermont and Stanshall’s flat in Muswell HillLondon. The Windigo’s Daughter eats people like any self-respecting windigo would.

I once saw a movie called Angel Heart and as soon as I finished it, I started it all over again just to see how it was made. Once you’ve read it, you’re stuck with it. Longfellow never met him nor could she find him. I expected that once I began reading. Jan 19, Giedre rated it really liked it. Formas de pagamento aceitas: He thought I could hold my breath forever.

Book Review: Houdini Heart, by Ki Longfellow | Like Telling the Truth

Written in first person directly to the reader, but not like a letter from abroad, more like a letter to herself describing in chatty witty detail all she sees and feels as she free falls into hell. And I don’t know her name even now.


Wandering the world after the death of Jesus, she, her great friend Seth, and Mary the Mother of Jesus share the wisdom of their beloved teacher. May 11, Opensesame rated it it was amazing. She uses dark humour to good effect, and she interests me as a writer, the way houdiji mind works. You think you could never do these things, that you’re not that kind of perso I more than enjoy Longfellow’s historical novels, but this one really surprised me.

But for now, it’s houdinj stars. Peter Moss served as musical director. And she slowly, over time, tells us what that terrible thing is.

The process of attempting to adapt her novels as films taught Longfellow a great deal about the mainstream movie business. Houdini Heart is a deep swallow of slow acting poison. I was trapped from the first few paragraphs. It’s about an escape artist. Weeks ago, she was one of Hollywood’s biggest writers, wed to one of its greatest Pursued by those she can’t outrun, anguished by a housini she can’t endure, and driven close to madness, she flees to the one place she’s ever called home: But life is never as you dream it, and River House isn’t what she’d always imagined it was.

This is horror all right.

There’s a book within this book. The novel takes it shots at Hollywood and reveals the trials and tribulations of writers, and the horror that they suffer unto their own minds. I’d heard about the book one evening when some friends were discussing it. This is a book that begs re-reading and would be great for a mature discussion group.

It’s also psychological, deeply understanding of what can happen to a mind when it’s stretched to its breaking point. It is a great book for everyone, those who want a life drama, those who want horror, those who want hauntings, those who want a different read, those who want a book that’s easy to read, those who like questions, everyone.


It’s a remarkable book, I know I’ll be thinking about it for quite a while. She’s alone, tortured by a horrifying secret no woman could bear. It’s everything I love about books. Reality is a slippery concept in this book. Others have no patience unless they’re reading a simple tale told in a straightforward manner. Longfellow’s second book Chasing Women was a comedy murder mystery set in New York City immediately after the Great Crash of Is it the final victory of insanity?

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Houdini Heart – Ki Longfellow – Google Books

Boudini 01, Byron ‘Giggsy’ Paul rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: For those who really don’t care for the book, there are many more who do. Pursued by those she can’t outrun, anguished by a guilt she can’t endure, and driven close heagt madness, she flees to the one place hfart ever called home: It would make a wonderful inclusion in a book of modern fairy tales or folklore, and she uses it to great effect.

I never could determine the dividing line between fantasy and reality in this often funny, always witty, sometimes heart-wrenching, and even gruesome story. Does her killing spree continue with even more gusto as she embraces her inner Wendigo?

By the time she’s done with you, you’ve gone through her three dimensional circus of dementia right along with her. This lady is driving the car, but you can’t get out.

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