The Fat Duck Cookbook has ratings and 23 reviews. ^ said: Here is a book for and of the alpha-fe/male; a clear statement of status, of pecking-order. Nobody goes to Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant because they are feeling a bit peckish (though it happens that a visit to the Fat Duck will sate. The Big Fat Duck Cookbook by Heston Blumenthal, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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First, take your snails and your porridge…

Heston discusses the evolution of his cooking at his first restaurant The Fat Duck, which is a very interesting journey. There is also Heston’s history of becoming the respected driving force of “one of the best restaurant in the world”, and a whole bunch of science of cookery stuff. Few, though, are as elegant, or as complete an object as this, from the duck-feather motifs, through the silver page-edging, to the multicoloured ribbon bookmarks. If anything, in the years I have been both eating and talking to Blumenthal about his food, my respect for the man has only grown.

Megan rated it really liked it Jul 24, Much more accessible than it first appears, this is a great insight into the mind and methods of a fascinating chef. By the time I got to section three, I was worn down with chemistry fatigue. Jan 01, Fraser rated it liked it.

The Fat Duck Cookbook: Heston Blumenthal: Bloomsbury Publishing

Within these pages is found all-consuming overwhelming edible one-on-one on-the-edge adventure; teeth bared. If you’re a foodie seeking to experiment in the kitchen or looking to experience new flavours; this cookbook is simply inspirational coupled with a fascinating story of Heston Blumenthal. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. Tony rated it really liked it Mar 30, If you don’t know Heston Blumenthal, check him out. It was high time for Blumenthal to do his.

A whole hell of a lot of fun, b If you don’t know Heston Blumenthal, check him out. The Best Books of As for beston, I can only see it as a very good thing indeed. Where exactly does the boundary lie between the definition between a pharmacological cookbool product and a nutritional substance, deemed nutritionally fit for human consumption?


Oct 02, Penguin Random House Canada rated it it was amazing.

blumenthao Makes you want to call Bray immediately to get a table at the earliest opportunity, which is two months from now. Duck-out only if you dare! Verily, as the Great Duck himself has expounded to us, style may reach, but should never exceed, practicability.

A brilliant move to include these.

The pants are still there for the chucking. Jeffrey Steingarten reviewed the book for Vogue and said it was a “glorious spectacle. What a wonderful book! I just happened to have two red cabbages in the house, so made the Red Cabbage Gazpacho for Christmas lunch.

I think it started to ‘lose’ me when a recipe for a flavoured mayonnaise called for 36g of egg yolks. Part II, Recipes For the first time ever, a large selection of recipes from the award-winning restaurant.

The essential book on haute couture of cooking. In this beautiful, smaller format edition of the award-winning Big Fat Duck Cookbookwe hear the full story of the meteoric rise of Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck, birthplace of snail porridge and bacon-and-egg ice cream, and encounter the passion, perfection and weird science behind the man and the restaurant.

I have lent this book to several people, including a Chemistry teacher who rushed out and bought the book for himself. He even has a dedicated experimental kitchen where he collaborates with academics to develop new flavour combinations and techniques.

No, but I felt more of a connection to Keller and his food, perhaps because it was more accessible? You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter.

Heston has opened the door to science and technology, while keeping his traditional cooking roots and making way for From this, it will become clear that I am an unabashed, wet-lipped, tongue-lolling fan of Blumenthal’s.

Each dish pirouettes in a series of images to salivate over. All through the recipes section, we see 15g of this and 85g of that and I found myself wondering if the precision was not possibly part of the overall effect, if I was being presented yet another Fat Duck experience.


He is the equivalent of the high-school physics class in which you shoot a flaming potato from one side of the football field to the other PLUS the art class where you take a bunch of naked pictures of people, make them into a collage, and get an A on the project, even if you can’t show it at the school art show, AND the English class in which you conjugate the verb “shit” with the full cooperation of your teacher.

Was that why he shrank the text? While many, myself included, may find what Heston Blumenthal is doing a bit too bizarre at times, he is undeniable revolutionizing food and cooking on an unprecedented scale.

I was given this book for Christmas. The food photography is stunning, I think, because it’s so big and Blumenthal’s food is so dramatic This is the British answer to the insanely talented Thomas Keller’s lavish arch-work of food porn, The French Laundry Cookbook, Harper can surely not have started out on this project with any thought of making money from it.

What book made him fascinated with cooking and the idea of opening a restaurant? There is helpful information for even the most basic of cooks who bothers to carefully read this book.

Nevertheless the introduction about the history of the Fat Duck and Heston’s cooking is very interesting. Heston’s approach to cooking is methodical, scientific and creative, adding complexity then stripping meals back to their most basic elements. It all sums up as a remarkable work, if perhaps too lavish and even possibly contrived. How does he make dishes involving cans of nitrous not just delicious, but even comforting?

Various food scientists and taste experts will contribute to this section.