HAMEG. OSCILLOSCOPE HM Specification. TLOPL HH4E. Vertical Deflection (Y). Bandwidth: of both channels. DC MHz (-3dB), DC MHz (- 6dB). HM analog oscilloscope. Discontinued. More info in German for HM at ยท Manual for HM here. Timebase The HM timebase incorporates an LPS trigger circuit, a new technique developed by HAMEG. The complete triggering process is carried out by a.

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Due to the probe capacity it is only recommended for use with relatively low impedance and low frequency sources. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Some common-sense will certainly be required when a complex fault has to be investigated.

Operation of the sweep delay is relatively easy, as only 3 controls need to be used: Maybe, there are errors in displaying a signal by partially blanking. The interac- tion of focus adjustment and astigmatism correction should be noted. Triggering Checks The internal triggering hakeg is important as it determines the display height from which a signal will be stably displayed.

HAMEG hm Oszilloskop Oscilloscope | eBay

If this is not done, serious signal deformation may result from any spuri- ous currents through the ground leads or test chassis parts.

Otherwise, a capacitor of adequate capacitance must be con- nected before the input of the vertical amplifier with DC coupling. It should be noted that this value is reduced at higher frequencies.


Nevertheless, this cannot be entirely avoided, even in fully serviceable in- struments. Fifteen minutes after switching on the instrument, set the trace exactly T1 on the horizontal centre line of the graticule. It is important to note that the x5 magnifier in- corporated in the “X-POS. All variable control knobs with ar- rows should be in the fully anti-clockwise “Cal.

The reference position enables a ground reference level to be set.

SM5CBW’s Hameg Oscilloscope Presentation

The fuse holder should then be plugged in again in the selected position. In almost any case, the faulty section can be located. It should be remembered that this capacitor must have a sufficiently high breakdown hwmeg. This tech- nique ensures reliable triggering on low level signals up to 40 MHz. Sometimes the trace will disappear after an in- put signal has been applied.

Possibly some test pictures are necessary for a good representation of the graticule. 4412 the alternate trigger mode the source is taken alter- natively from channels I and IIthis enables signals which are not frequency related to be triggered.

Trigger and Timebase To achieve a perfectly stable display the correct set- tings of the timebase and trigger controls is most im- portant.

The following hamey shows which frequencies are re- quired for the particular ranges. On oc- casions it is possible that the probe is faultyor incor- rectly compensated.


For external triggering in the “DC” coupling mode, signal voltages of approx. To some extent, fluc- tuations in drift are caused by offset current on the gate.

Especially with very slow signals the trigger indicator can assist you to adjust the “LEVEL” con- trol, which sometimes needs sensitive adjustment.

This same limit applies to normal at- tenuator probes XI 0, the attenuation ratio of which allows signal voltages up to approximately 1 ,Vpp to be evaluated.

Television video signals are relatively easy to trigger. The clamp on the CRT neck has to be loosened. 4412

Oszilloskop HM412-5

The following figure shows correct positioning of the oscilloscope trace for accurate risetime measurement. The input attenuators, located in the front of the amplifier, are frequency-compensated in each posi- tion.

The maximum ratings are specified on the circuit diagrams. When investigating pulse or square waveforms the critical feature is the risetime of the voltage step. Trace Alignment If the trace on the screen is not exactly parallel with the horizontal centre line of the graticule, it may be m’ostly caused by the influence of the earth’s magnetic field. Dimensions for the carrying case are x x mm, while the compartments measure- ments are x x 50 mm.