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Optimal inhalation flow rate for Bricanyl R Turbuhaler powder inhaler 0.

A double-blind, single dose evaluation of the relative analgesia and safety of acetaminophen mg, mg, mg, gacega, and placebo in the treatment of pain following oral or periodontal surgery. Side effects of opiods during short-term administration: Gordon L, Carr D.

Clinical trials

A comparative dose range evaluation of the antipyretic efficacy and safety of ibuprofen liquid at three different doses in children. John Hopkinson’s Tylenol Acetaminophen Study. Comparative bioavailability and kinetics of Konakion Gaxeta Efficacy and safety of teicoplanin in the treatment of infections caused by gram-positive cocci.

IMP with orphan designation in the indication.

: Sitemap

Influence of therapy by Woben-zym on immune and metabolic parametrs at children with chronic hepatitis B. The use of an antihistamine-decongestant in conjunction with an anti-infective drug in the treatment of acute otitis media. Outpatient, randomized; double-blind, parallel-treatment group study.


Kleges LM et al. Expert Report to amend therapeutic indications: Caudal additives in pediatrics: Study to compare the duration of action of Alupent syrup, Quadrinal, and Brondecon.

Omeprazole in children with reflux esophagitis-an open dose finding study and an evaluation of the safety and efficacy during maintenance treatment. Ghigo E et al.: Open study of topamax as adjunct treatment in patients with partial onset seizures: Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in children with cancer.

Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. Arch Intern Med ; Open, single-dose, phase i study to evaluate the pharmacokinetic parameters of pentoxyverine and its 401106 metabolites in plasma and urine of 440106 with upper respiratory tract infection. Effects of phosphocreatine administration on muscle strength in man. Comparative efficacy of aspirin and acetaminophen in the reduction of fever in children.

Clinical Trials Register

A comparison among midazolam, ketamine, and neostigmine coadministered with bupivacaine. Effect of age on patients of theophylline metabolism Grygiel – No author – Clin Pharmacol Therp 28 4 in Annual report 02 Effect of age on patients of theophylline metabolism Grygiel – No author – Clin Pharmacol Therp 28 4 in Annual report An open trial haceta assess the acceptability and tolerance of Lonarid mono syrup in children.

Optimalisation of Netilmicin dosage based on therapeutic drug monitoring during the first days of life in very pre-term neonates gestational age weeks ; MED. Efficacy and safety of cetirizine and oxatomide in young children with perennial allergic rhinitis: Topamax topiramate monotherapy comparison trial to standard monotherapy in the treatment of newly diagnosed epilepsy rwj ; phase IIIb. Analgesic efficacy of rectal acetaminophen and ibuprofen alone or in combination for paediatric day-case adenoidectomy.


Posatko’s Tylenol Acetaminophen Studies.

Safety of ondansetron loading doses in children with cancer. A pilot study of topiramate in childhood absence epilepsy.

Clinical sudy on the use of Curosurf in meconium aspiration syndrome. Businco – – Publication in Tilade metered-dose inhaler nedocromil sodium 2 mg – Clinical expert report for extension of use in children- clinical documentation – Gaxeta.

Intravenous g-globulin treatment in a patient with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis. Some aspects of virus hepatitis B treatment in children. ASMC Art45 listing Theophylline retard mg: Pharmacokinetic and tolerability assessment of a pediatric oral formulation of pentoxifylline in Kawasaki disease. Pharmacokinetics of a sigle oral dose of pantoprazole 20 mg or 40 mg in pediatric patients aged 5 to 16 years ; safety an tolarability. Once-per-cycle pegfilgrastim versus daily filgrastim in pediatric patients with Ewing sarcoma.