FS – Kneeboard References & Checklists” Utility. Informations: In this utility, designed for Flight Simulator but probably usable for. Greetings to all virtual pilots and even real ones.:smile: I open this topic to talk about electronic Kneeboard, that you use during the flight with. Archived from groups: tion (More info?) Whenever I try to access the kneeboard and then try to use the.

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Ever wondered why an installed aircraft does not show up in the Select Aircraft dialog, or the sound is missing, or ATC does not call the aircraft correctly?

Welcome to Perfect Flight » FS – Kneeboard References & Checklists” Utility

keeboard What a great tutorial Sergio, thanks man! Could anyone please try to explain to me how this kneeboarx done thats if I have made any sense. Now fly with or without kneebosrd ADF gauge. We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal. Join Date Mar Posts FS Radio Range System. Radio Range Forum is at http: What’s new New posts Kneeboadd resources New profile posts.

This program has now removed this to make my flight more random with less decisions to make. Posted January 16, Problem is that the kneeboard is so small at higher resolutions.


Greetings to all virtual pilots The exclusivity agreement with Abacus expired years ago. All times are GMT I add some infos, about a thing I asked before not here: Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers.

As expected, the document is to be integrated on the flight and not in the aircraft folder. It is very nice explained, but I’m afraid your content is related only to “reference” and “checklist” of the aircraft.

Fsbuild-2 Flight Planner • View topic – Inserting the Fsbuild2 Navlog in the FS kneeboard.

You could edit the file just to contain your favourite airports and it will NOT affect the running of the program as long as the file remains as Airports. This utility should be available soon here and, I hope, also in Italy I’m confident to meet some interest, and also I hope to find friends that can improve by integrating some with missing data in particular with the information relating to kneeboadd speed of the flaps extension, missing ts2004 many cases.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Already have an account? In there there is some data on the features of the kneeboard in fs9. Random ‘Go to Airport’ Generator. The program can create new airport charts and it is possible to kneebiard all procedure charts. Kneeblard freeware release from Flight One.

When the important instrument approach chart is needed a simply joystick button click brings it right back where the pilot needs it while staying out of the way when not needed.


Fsbuild-2 Flight Planner

Hello to the interested people and those who read too: The other is that you can access the files with out the disk being needed. The program will display the airport ICAO code then co-ordinates.

You insert only the airport name and the program will show all the data stored. All necessary system, kneeboarx and sound files are included.

Allows you to change splash screens on 3 of Microsofts Flight Simulator versions. This program was designed with ease of use in mind for selecting a random airport to begin flying in FS FS Kneeboard Do a search for vpn14us.

I just cant remember for the life of me how? Some files also corrected in this upgrade. There are thing about it I do not understand, I wish you could in large the screen on the kneeboard in order to print in full page printable pages as to read more easy while in flight. Flight Simulation’s Premier Resource!

Maximum flaps extended speed. As expected, the document is to be integrated on the flight and not in the aircraft folder.