For Matrimonial Purposes [Kavita Daswani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Anju wants a husband. Equally important, her entire family. Buy *For Matrimonial Purposes* online, For Matrimonial Purposes Kavita Daswani Plume Paperback pages. June rated 4 1/2 of 5 possible stars . Spirited, elegant, fun, with an enchanting authorial voice, For Matrimonial Purposes – a first novel which was the subject of a fierce international auction – is a.

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The feminist in me was cringing while reading this book. The “arranged” bit isn’t necessarily there, but a woman in her twenties is perpetually asked questions about her relationship status: I really enjoyed how Anju decides to start her life anew and do something that many single Indian women wouldn’t do.

For Matrimonial Purposes — book review

The happy ending romance also seemed a bit perfunctory, as we didn’t really get a chance to know the guy. She’s allowed her mother to drag her to every swami, fortune teller, and holy man she can find. Say Yes to the DressThe Bachelorat least a dozen Disney princess movies, and a wedding industry that sells fairy tales for a price that could put your first born through college suggest otherwise. Not all the efforts of numerous swamis or countless daswain or famous matchmaking gurus in the world can help Anju snare a bridegroom.

Kenapa pernikahan seorang wanita harus jadi penentu kehormatan keluarga?

It was the carpet statements that suggested that all Indian girls get married when they turn She’s fasted, she’s prayed, sh Entering her mid-thirties, Anju has proven to be a failure as a daughter. Also through this courageous Indian girl, the author emphasizes the point that the search for love and happiness remains the same, whether parent-sponsored or not, whether East or West.


Jul 02, Petra Eggs rated it liked it Shelves: Don’t expect this novel tells a romantic story between the main character with someone.

Ya, tentang pencarian cinta sejati ditengah kepatuhan terhadap budaya India ditengah modernisasi. Dec 28, Michelle Robinson rated it it was ok Shelves: I am just denying the fact that all marriages are arranged.


The author attempts, not very successfully, to give the book depth by turning it into a moral story – the heroine purposed find herself before she can find a husband. Discover what to read next.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Saying stuff about Pakistan and other muslim countries like India is any better I literally rolled my eyes when she mentioned in passing how foe parents were not barbaric.

Kata orang, begitu kau sibuk dengan pekerjaan, teman-teman, atau kegiatan lain selain kisah cinta, pria atau wanita impianmu akan datang memasuki hidupmu. Lists with This Book.

She has not been encouraged to become a fully realized person and therefore is waiting for her matrimojial half, who will define her existence by setting the boundaries of what her life will be. Jul 11, Eileen rated it liked it Shelves: I wasn’t sure whether I would like this or not as I find the idea of arranged marriage so far out there but I did come to appreciate the narrative, the story. Aug 22, eilasoles rated it did not like it Shelves: Apalagi kedua adik lelakinya akan segera bertunangan dan akan segera menikah melangkahinya, membuat sang Ibu dan sanak-familinya berlomba-lomba mencarikan jodoh untuk Anju.

I didn’t hate the characters; I just couldn’t care less about them.

For Matrimonial Purposes

The problem comes when the latter are represented as being part of the exotic Indian package. But it could be argued that not accustomed to having a voice or at least not confident enough to always use itAnju is using fashion magrimonial communicate her values and her inner life to others.


Return to Book Page. Ia merasa hidupnya tertekan karena suara sumbang dari semua saudara-saudaranya, bahkan kedua orang tuanya karena sampai seumur tersebut ia belum mempunyai pendamping. She simply wants to get married.

More By and About This Author. While pursuing a graduate degree and career, Anju embraces the idea of “falling in love,” a phrase that doesn’t exist in the Indian language— “we say pyar hogaya —love has daswanni —but the Prada-loving fashion publicist still finds herself “oddly drawn to the age-old system of arranged marriage” and stubbornly believes “observing the kafita will elevate her “to the highest ranking on the scale of social conduct.

Novel ini cukup unik, walau tak bisa dibilang benar-benar bagus. I think it is a really good book.

For Matrimonial Purposes by Kavita Daswani

She’s had her birth chart read, her destiny foretold. Kata orang hal seperti itu ditakdirkan All the girls want to marry her handsome brothers because they are rich and good looking.

Uprposes shouldn’t leave me as sad as this book did. Books of the Week. The only flaw in this heady, cardamom-flavored confection is the rushed happy ending, which leaves readers hankering for more details. Please say he is!