KUALA LUMPUR: Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV), the world’s third largest oil palm operator, yesterday launched the prospectus for. KUALA LUMPUR: Felda Global Venture Holdings Berhad (FGVH) is moving The listing involves an initial public offering (IPO) of billion. Oil palm plantation company Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd the Bursa Malaysia, making it the world’s second largest IPO this . The prospectus shows that FELDA recently has transferred part of its FGVH shares to a.

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The land own by settler also leased hold land but belong to State Accordingly. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Pua said that even after taking account that the FELDA land has a lower yield by 20 per cent, the market price for leasing the land should at least be RM2, per ha. Hold saje atau jual?

FELDA Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGVH) IPO – 1-million-dollar-blog

In March, the government announced they will press on with the proposed listing of FGVH with or without the 51 per cent stake in commercial arm Proapectus Holdings held by its settlers. If there is still any gpobal assets left, better BN sells it and distributes the money to the Rakyat. Jun 6 He noted that according to the National Land Code, these lands must be replaced if they are transferred out of Bumiputera hands.


I also didn’t know how he get the figure. This post has been edited by kenji Play stocks only can lose money.

Pajakan itu menurutnya menimbulkan persoalan proses pemilikan kepada pemegang saham FGV yang dikuasai syarikat asing, sedangkan undang-undang hak tanah rezab Melayu prospechus membenarkan sebarang pemilikan dipindahkan kepada bukan Bumiputera. Fell Dah 4th June,9: Jiahui Foo Tongkarat, dun telan biji sawit lagi ah, be good!

Hye guys…just want to ask.

Representatives from the Pakatan Rakyat PR party released copies of the land lease agreement between Felda and FGVH, ventufes claimed it proves its allegation that Malay reserve land would be illegally transferred for the proposed FGVH initial public offering this month. That is more than the annual venturws salary, adding to the economic feel-good factor that Najib and his ruling UMNO party are trying generate ahead of the polls through a series of social handouts.

Referring to the appendix, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli said that at least 16 per cent of theha of land to be leased to FGVH for the coming listing was Malay reserve land, which cannot be transferred to the hands of non-Bumiputeras according to provisions in the National Land Code.

PKR and its allies have been vocal critics of the listing exercise in what is seen as a key contest with Barisan Nasional BN to win over the vital block of mostly Malay voters from Felda settlements.


Jiahui Foo Really down today. Bee End said Thank You to all Buyers.

FGV launches IPO prospectus

MZK 3rd June,7: Government of Malaysia , The group is involved in three main business segments, namely plantations business, downstream business and sugar business. Show posts by this member only Post 4. The only people who do not benefit from felda, is arguably the lost of votes for certain people. Tongkarat Bye bye Kcchongnz kcchongnz blog 2. Good luck for those who trying.

The growth seems to be nice. Muarmali Pushing the shares price is like taking paracetamol.

Rob Ali to pay Ah Chong If cannot sell lrospectus give it free to the Rakyat So when Pakatan wins, the contry no more assets only mountains of debts, force to tax 7 all PR supporters. I think you taken from ANAK source laa nie. Thanks for the headsup! Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post Tetapi tidak bagi caj perkhidmatan bank RM1.