‘There’s one thing about being in an organisation of spies – news gets around fast .’ (p) This is another belting thriller from Bagley; man. All about The Enemy by Desmond Bagley. Desmond Bagley seems to have been a writer that I have overlooked which seems strange as I . Haiku summary . Creagor is the main evil character of the story. He uses the power he is given by the government to earn more power. He is reckless and.

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Don’t forget the wonderful train set! When Benson’s departure from the army was first mentioned, an officer had written, ‘Proposed leaving date – 21st March ‘, but Benson sumjary actually left on 4th January, Malcolm, what are your men waiting for? She couldn’t really say anything more about him. He even made some suggestions which surprised Professor Lumsden.

The Enemy by Desmond Bagley (1977)

I do not know how long I shall be away, but please do not try to find me and do not bring the police into this.

Larry followed them and did not try to hide.


I told her that I knew little more than she did. Then he asked me, very politely, how I earned my living. Ogilvie had studied every known fact of Benson’s life, and had found nothing wrong, deskond strange, nothing even slightly suspicious.

I told her how, after the acid attack on Gillian, I was told to watch and protect her father.

The Enemy (Bagley novel) – Wikipedia

I don’t know when it will be. I took the tape-recording back to Ogilvie. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and bagey not signed in for advertising. Gillian told the servants what to do, she planned the meals, and seemed to be very happy. I thought to myself, great. Perhaps I should have let him stay with you. How was he so important?

At the station Benson bought two tickets for Goteborg, in the west of Sweden. Thank you for coming, Miss Ashton,’ he said.

The Enemy by Desmond Bagley by Esad Gunes on Prezi

He is also surprised when his superiors order him to guard the Ashtons against further attacks at all costs. I know that you love him and I think he is a very good man.

We don’t work for big companies, but lots of smaller ones, like yours, find our advice useful. It was as if they were on holiday.

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It seemed to me a waste of time, especially if I’m going to be there watching Ashton. So I telephoned Ogilvie in London and told him about the difficulties that Cutler was making for me.

Book description On a beautiful summer evening in the quiet town of Marlow, a young woman is walking home from church. It looks as though it’s never been used since it was first built. If he wants to leave England, maybe even go back to Russia, why should we stop him? Malcolm, is this someone I know? The house where Penelope lived with her father and her sister was in the countryside, just a few minutes from the bqgley.

It was a railway timetable for trains from Stockholm to Goteborg. I told her much more than I should have told her. That’s got to be it! A policeman in plain clothes came in.