Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Author Boese (Hippo Eats Dwarf, The Museum of Elephants on Acid – Kindle edition by Alex Boese. Download it . Alex Boese’s collection of bizarre scientific anecdotes illuminates matter – by Boese’s own estimation, Elephants on Acid is a book you dip. Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Elephants on Acid: And Other Bizarre Experiments by Alex Boese

Despite the books whimsical title, the book is at times, very disturbing the fate of the elephants mentioned in the title is very sadso don’t pick this one up thinking it’s a constant yuk-fest. To move from deliberate fakery to science gone awry, deliberately or not, is, Boese argues, but a small step. Wandering among Boese’s carnival of curiosities we learn, for example, the precise weight of a human soul and acquire a method for springing crystalline insects out of rocks.

I found that many experiments, even if weird, were really interesting and offer very practical information about the human mind and human psychology.

Everything in this world is questionable, this book gives answers to questions sane people would never ask, unless they are scientists. But it also learned me not to trick a If you’re a scientist, you’ll love this book. Cutting even single threads can disrupt and distort the entire scope of our scientific understandings. I think it would be better for most to read this chapter later or even at all if you are especially sensitive, as it sets an extremely dark tone for a mostly light hearted book.

Overally, it sounds to me that the author got into these experiments elphants much and lost a ground in being critical from the distance. It consists elephatns brief write ups of bizarre experiments conducted in 10 different categories. Each lil experiment is self contained and I found I was bored with them by half way thru the book, even if the experiments themselves were interesting, so really that elephanst that I probably believe that the book would have read better in increments rather than all at once like I did it.


The book does a great job at cultivating the curiosity on which it focuses. None were too thoroughly detailed and a lot left you googling for confirmation and accuracy.

And that wasn’t the only picture like that! Some might hope for more pictures to lend to the stories of the acjd, but strictly speaking they aren’t really needed as Boese has a nicely descriptive narrative voice.

Even the pictures–which were at times jaw dropping–weren’t done justice in black and white. There is a connection between vaudeville and science, and it is more profound than people credit.

Then it is just more sick and pointless. Or more like black and grey and dark grey. Jan 07, Eve K rated it did not like it Shelves: It was very hard for me to read this chapter and look at its pictures, even though I was already familiar with most of the experiments. It was printed on very cheap, low quality paper Nov 23, Serkelion rated it really liked it.

Elephants on Acid : And Other Bizarre Experiments

Perhaps it’s the lame attempt at humour from the author that grated, or the slightly alsx writing style. All that was seen was a lil canine head, features drawn into a tight, heart breaking look of pleading and attached to multiples wires leading off the page. Couldn’t even finish it. It delivered what it promised: The decision to put all the truly gut-wrenching vivisection stories in the first chapter was foolhardy. For what this book was, it served elepbants purpose.

He elepphants the book so that it would be easy to pick up and put down at any moment without investing large amounts of time, and it accomplishes this very well. Dann ist es nur mehr krank und sinnlos.

There’s even an entire chapter, ‘Toilet Reading’, dedicated to this very idea. View all 3 comments.

Major disappointment in store upon openiqng the book! There were about 10 or so sections each with about 10 or so experiments a section, each about pages long explaining the origins and details of the experiment. Would the average dog summon help in an emergency? Dec 19, Patricia rated it really liked it. In the book, each vignette highlights a specific experiment. Reading how many weird, silly or crazy experiments have been made in name of the science is very interesting, and provides an alternate point of view to the definition of science itself.


Once again, keep in mind. We learn a truly magnificent and wrong formula for working out the moment at which cocktail parties become too loud.

However, being impartial, there are some interesting experiments in here, although bpese author offers little in terms of persepective, and I personally would have laid them out chronologically, to emphasise the progress or lack of made, and how views and approaches have changed. Boese is the curator of a splendid on-line museum of hoaxes – museumofhoaxes. Moreover, since the book lists plenty of different experiments, this is a perfect book for occasional readers: More from the web.

Fortunately, with the progress of the time to the present, a normalization of the experimental arrangements is observed. In Elephants on Acid, Alex Boese reveals to readers the results of not only this scientific trial but of scores of other outra When Tusko the Elephant woke in his pen at the Lincoln Park Zoo on the morning of August 3,little did he know that he was about to become the elephanhs subject in an experiment to determine what happens to an elephant given a massive dose of LSD.

The book is well written, funny and full of side stories about the life xlex scientists, or other historically related events. We had elephanst many books that we had to get rid of a load of them, and so I pinched this one before it went to the charity shops. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But elpehants, it’s all “sticking electrodes into gay people’s heads to zap them straight” and “making people decapitate live rats just to study their facial expressions as they do it” and the Stanford Prison Experiment.

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