In its program, Production and Engineering Company ENCE GmbH (ЭНЦЕ ГмбХ ) highlights the most significant metallurgical equipment; this equipment. Ravarini Castoldi our has been making electrostatic equipment since under the ELETTROSPRAY® trademark. Manufacturer of standard and custom electrostatic automatic oilers for the metal processing industry. Products include blade systems, rotary atomizers, and.

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The electrodtatic can be made stationary or extractable from the line running on suitable rail driven by a brake gearmotor. Minimizes Oil Usage – Can reduce oil elctrostatic to as little as one-fifth of currently applied levels.

The easiest way to prevent corrosion is to treat the surface of the thin sheet with special anti-corrosion oils. Reduces Customers Oil Disposal Problems – Less oil applied means that your customers pay less to remove and dispose of oil. In such a way a better viscosity control and costant fine automisation of the oil are obtained.

In practice the fluid mist is negatively charged and the metal surface is kept at ground potential connecting it to the mass, which is very easily done due to the presence of large metals electrsotatic in every process line.

Moreover the oil deposited by conventional means is free flowing from the sites of coils severely contaminating storage floors.

Systems with different oilrr for various oil types are available. Oilers can be designed with C-frame design, telescopic blade carriers, enclosure heating, removable tank heaters, and solid-state power supplies. Improves Coil Handling – Reduces telescoping of coils. The nozzle is designed to pass any particulates in the fluid to prevent clogging.

TURBODYN rotating bell units First developed for use as a paint applicator for automotive manufacturers, the system has been modified to apply extremely low oil quantities to ferrous and nonferrous strips. Installation – Units are freestanding, ready for operation after connecting utilities.

Programmed to discharge oil at predetermined intervals from several minutes to several hours. Allows Flexible Processing – A wide range of strip widths can be processed on one machine. Moreover fluid filaments or drops immersed electrsotatic a strong electric field undergo the electrostatic pressure and break out in ever smaller electrically charged droplets which repel each other creating a finely atomized fluid mist.


The atomising edge of the underside blade is twice the length of the topsite blade to ensure the highest possible atomising density and transfer efficiency and is designed specifically to overcome the “flooding” common with conventional slot blades. With the most modern electronic generators the same results are obtained employing ma 0.

Example of special design are enclosures for the Temper mills where very little space is normally available on top of the recoiler, and a very high oil output is requested. The excess oil particulary when the strip is narrow compared to the blade length is collected in a bottom sump provided with levels and then the sucked in by a recovery pump, filtered and recirculated to the storage oil tank.

There are several advantage with this design. Spray Header Assembly – Consists of multiple 3″ or 6″ nozzles, number is determined oller maximum width oilee to be processed. The orifice dia is about 10 times wider than the conventional slot blade which is virtually self cleaning and mantenance free. Available with a variety of features. Oil Reservoir System – Sized according to the desired deposition thickness, strip width, and line speed.

Manufacturer of standard and custom electrostatic automatic oilers for the metal processing industry. The system is ideal for application of very low coating weights of DOS or similar products normally required on Tin-plate, Black-plate and Aluminium lines. Flow control or monitoring can be provided optionally but is not considered to be essential to the performance of the machines and set a new standard of electrotsatic in this class of machines.

Electrical charges of the same name repel each other, electrical charges of opposite name attract each other. Positioning System – Spray header can move on and off line via a variety of retraction mechanisms.

The opposite polarities electrostatic charging system we are now proposing as standard avoids over oiling the strip edges and greatly reduces the escape of oil mist from the enclosure pass line windows. Thomas Industry Update Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Typical Line Speeds – Up to fpm in existing installations, higher speeds are possible. Terronics electrostatic oilers provide a better way to oil steel strip for rust protection, lubrication, or stamping.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. These blades are heated by circulation of an indipendent diathermic fluid through two channels drilled through the two halves of their steel body.


This website uses cookies to electroostatic your experience. In both cases oil consumption is well over the theoretical – eelectrostatic even three or four times as much and the uniformity of the coating obtained is very poor.

The Advanced Automation system can be interfaced to upper level computers when required via Profibus, Interbus and similar network systems. Products include blade systems, rotary atomizers, and temper mill oilers. Custom manufacturer of automatic electrostatic oilers. The topsite blade is fitted with a non electrosttatic insulating mask to limit the current drain within 50 microAmps.

Electrostatic Oilers

The enclosure is provided with clear inspection doors interlocked with the high voltage source and with the oil feeding pumps. ISO Not Specified. The machines can be moved out of the line, so that production is also possible without oiling. Also offers roll coating equipment and coil process line maintenance services.

Anticorrosive coating for sheets and strips Electrostatic Oilers Additionally to our portfolio for complete strip processing lines and revamping of existing electrsotatic, we provide various auxiliary equipment to be used in cold rolling mills and metal strip production and processing plants. Using these devices it is no more necessary to discharge the blades from their residual charge with an earthed probe before touching them for maintenance or cleaning.

The blade edge is formed as a single plane, externally oiller from a oilr of holes uniformly spaced along the blades body.

Terronics Development Corporation – Electrostatic Oilers

The industrial frequency operated oil filled conventional generators employing selenium rectifiers and big capacitors require strong currents, up to 2 mA. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations.

Improves Oler and Housekeeping – Precise targeting and control eliminate overspray and reduce hazard and mess of oil runoff from coils, both for rolling mills and their customers. Quality Certifications ISO We offer now four different electrostaic atomiser types to suit a wide range of application: TDC’s electrostatic oilers deliver the most uniform targeting and control of oiling possible.