E/ECE/ Rev.1/Add/Rev.2 E/ECE/TRANS/ Regulation No. 43 page 4 CONTENTS (continued) Annex 3 Annex 4 Annex 5 Annex 6 Annex 7 Annex 8. Mr. Masaru Morikawa, General Safety Subcommittee, JASIC. – Safety Glass Testing according to ECE R Mr. Pham Minh Thanh. E/ECE/TRANS/) November 2, STATUS OF UNITED NATIONS REGULATION ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL.

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The layers of glass shall remain adhering to the plastics-material interlayer.

ECE R 43 DOT Approvals

In the case of rigid plastic glazings and rigid plastic multiple-glazed units, the number of samples shall be ten.

Safety Glazing Other than Windscreens 4. Headform Test The purpose of this test is to verify the compliance of glazing with the requirements relating to the limitation of injury in the event of impact of the head against the windscreen, laminated glass and glazing of glass-plastic and rigid plastic other than windscreens, together with the multiple-glazed units used in the side windows.

Points 3 and 3′: Characteristic of window Diameter D of the circle capable of being scribed: That face of each test piece which would constitute a glazed exterior part of the vehicle shall face the lamp. The test pieces shall be freed from protecting masking and have to be cleaned carefully before the test. Colouring colourless or tinted ; 1. Test of Resistance to Abrasion 6. After the cuts have been produced they are brushed 5 times with slight pressure in both diagonal directions with a hand brush with polyamide bristles.

This beam shall not be vignette at either port of the sphere. Peripheral zone of fine fragmentation, at least 7cm wide, all round the edge of the windscreen and including an outer strip 2cm wide not subjected to assessment; 2. A new aqueous suspension shall be used for every test. The height of drop for the various nominal thickness values is given in the table below: D at least cm Diameter D of the circle capable of being scribed: The nature of the toughening process thermal or chemical ; 1.

No recirculation of the spray water or immersion of the test specimens in the water shall be permitted. Interpretation of Results For a test piece or sample to be considered rigid the vertical deflection of the test piece shall be less than or equal to 50mm after 60s. Clean the test pieces following the procedure described in Paragraph 4.


The method used shall be that described in Annex 3, Paragraph 3. Flat and curved glass panes. For vehicles of Category Mthe centre of the rectangle shall dce inside a circle having a radius of 10cm centred on the projection of the middle of segment V -V. In the pivotable modification where the interior wall adjacent to the exit port is used as the reflectance reference, the angle of rotation of the sphere shall be 0.

To minimize the temperature change of the test piece the test shall be performed within 30s of the removal of the ec piece from the conditioning appliance. No bubbles or other visible decompositions, discolourations, milkiness or crazing shall occur during weathering. It shall be ascertained whether that model can be included among the five largest or the five smallest selected for approval of the group in question; 9. R433 me more Go straight to site.

The humidity test shall be considered to have given a satisfactory result if: The sample shall be simply supported as a horizontal level arm between a fixed supporting edge at one end in such a way that the entire width will rest on a cutting edge fulcrum which is 51mm from the fixed end support. The glazing material shall be sufficiently resistant to the incidents likely to occur in normal traffic, and to atmospheric and temperature conditions, chemical action, combustion and abrasion.

The ball shall strike that face of the test piece which represents the inward face of the safety-glass pane when the latter is mounted on the vehicle. Indices of Difficulty of the Secondary Characteristics Colourless Tinted Colouring of the plastics 1 2 coating or plastic glazing The other secondary characteristics are ecr concerned.

Colouring of plastics coating s: In the event of the windscreen’s shattering, the driver shall still be able to see the road clearly enough to be able to brake and stop his vehicle safely. The light transmittance measured in accordance with Annex 3, Paragraph 9.


If a Party to the Agreement which applies this Regulation withdraws an approval it had previously granted, it shall forthwith so notify the other Contracting Parties applying this Regulation thereof by means of a copy of a communication form conforming to the model in Annex 1 to this Regulation. Test of resistance to abrasion in accordance with the requirements of Annex 19, Paragraph 6.

Other methods giving equivalent results shall be allowed. Indices of Difficulty of the Secondary Characteristics 9. Interpretation of Results A set of samples shall be considered acceptable if all samples give satisfactory results. To minimize the temperature change of the test piece, the test shall be performed within 30s of the removal of the test piece from the conditioning appliance. The test pieces shall be flat squares of side mm having both surfaces substantially plane and parallel and having a fixing hole 6.

The type of the layer s of plastics material acting as interlayer s e. The horizontal offset of a virtual line, which runs through both wheel axes, from the turntable axis shall be The department may then either: Results Every windscreen shall be inspected for visual defects. A new blade shall be used for every test sample. Observe the flame propagation on the side upper or lower which burns faster.

The change caused in the shape of the projected image by the insertion of the safety glazing in the t43 of light provides a measure of the distortion. During irradiation the test pieces shall be exposed to water spray in continuous cycles. There shall be at least one check per month and per type of plastic material surfacing or plastic material.

VW T25 Opening Quarter Light Glass LHS Ece-r43 E37 C9065

Protect a portion of each test piece from the radiation, and then place the test pieces in the test apparatus mm from and parallel lengthwise to the lamp axis. The apparatus shall comprise the following items, arranged as shown in Figure 9.

The optical-distortion maximum for all directions M-M’ from the Point M.