49 quotes from Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling: ‘I’ve noticed a fascinating phenomenon in my thirty years of teaching: sch. The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille How to Read a Book by. Thirty years in New York City’s public schools led John Gatto to the sad conclusion that compulsory schooling does little but teach young people to follow orders.

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Published March 1st by New Society Publishers first published The truth is that schools don’t really teach anything except how to obey orders. Very little on the context of schools at all, really. Wow I just wrote a thoughtful and brilliant review of this book and then pushed the wrong button and lost.

He idealizes the past, especially 17th century Massachusetts and his own childhood to contrast with everything he hates about modern life, but rather than address what changed in American life and why he implies it’s some grand conspiracy to destroy society as a whole and produce sheep reliant on centralized authority. Graham Oliver – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 30 3: This book is preaching to the choir, a Not bad, but not great, either.

Do it for your children. On the contrary, they are spectacularly successful in doing precisely what they are intended to do, and what they have been intended to do since their inception. Not Everyone gets awakened to our own unique discoveries. One thing I do notice is how learning becomes departmentalized. Historically, in America, before mandatory, literacy was wide spread among children, and kids were reading at college a college level. Enough, to perpetuate the same rants creating dysfunctional individuals.

Oct 17, Ben rated it liked it Recommends it for: There was a pink dog called Courage.


He is an activist critical of compulsory schooling and of what he characterizes as the hegemonic nature of discourse on education and the dowj professions. The children I teach have a poor sense of the future, of how tomorrow is inextricably linked to today.

And I had to laugh when I opened the book and the print was freaking 18 point.

I teach school and win awards doing it. This guy really hits the nail on the head. Thus, a highly specialised but dependent society. Interestingly and although I haven’t read very many philosophers, theologians, or politicians in great detail to spot Gatto’s actual inspirations other than his fondness for Ben Franklin, I have read Patrick Pearse’s Murder Machine from which many “bells” appeared to be ringing as I read this.

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

This is the most important lesson of them all: Gatto’s book, as summar Absolutely outstanding! How have you been trying to unlearn them? Want to Read saving…. A Reply to Peter Gardner. Macmillan – forthcoming – Philosophy of Education. Want to Read saving…. Kesson – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 42 2: He is humble enough to admit not having all the answers, encouraging us to participate in the dialog; as we are all accountable: Uss Gordon – – Journal of Moral Education 10 1: Bells are the secret dunbing of school time; their logic is inexorable.

He cites a study that said if someone is motivated to learn, reading, writing and arthritic can be learned in hours.

So here’s the thing, I actually agreed with some of the things he said. And under the guise that it is the same thing as education, it has been picking our pockets just as Socrates predicted it would thousands of years ago.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is a great mystery to me because thousands of humane, caring people work in schools as teachers and aides and administrators, but the abstract logic of the institution overwhelms their individual contributions. So, millions of us are going through life without any shred of humanity?


How, then, does my life where both husband and wife work but kiddo spends all day with grandma and grandpa fit into that hy People need to be told what they are worth. However he leaves a few key facts out, the first is that there was compulsory education in that time, in the ‘s starting in Haylor. Things were so much better for education in 17th colonial Massachusetts where people had their own relationship with God and had to find their own truths.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Factory-schooling is guilty of its own deadly sins. Something I’ve yet to read anyone else do. And does he really expect me to believe that my local, suburban public school system has the same problems as NYC? Overall, it is a deeply engaging, full of life, critical questions text. Bells inoculate each undertaking with indifference.

Why the Hidden Curriculum is Hidden. No other book has shaped my view about public school as much as this one. United States of America. To me, this seems like putting the cart before the horse.

John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down the Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling – PhilPapers

All parents and children should have say in where and how they are educated, only then can there be true educational reform and positive competition. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Rocha – – Studies in Philosophy and Education 32 6:

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