Book summary of the Voluntary Simplicity book by Duane Elgin, simple living tips, choosing voluntary simplicity, the history of simplicity, and. by. Duane Elgin. · Rating details · 1, ratings · reviews. When Voluntary Simplicity was first published in , it quickly became recognized as a. Duane Elgin (born ) is an American author, speaker, educator, consultant, and media . Elgin, Duane, Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich, (published in three editions, , , ), .

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Volunrary first third of the book is just rehashing results from a magazine survey about people who have chosen to live a life of voluntary simplicity. This way of life is not a static condition to be achieved, but an ever-changing balance that must be continuously and consciously made real. As an introduction to sustainbility-thinking, I would recommend it nonetheless.

Duane Elgin – Wikipedia

It means being direct and honest in relationships of all kinds. The third section I approached with some trepidation.

I just could not get into the text. The author did a nice job of laying out the global issues that call us to lead simpler lives in affluent nations, so it’s not that it is a bad book, especially for someone thinking, “why bother?

The report was expanded and republished with a survey in CoEvolution Quarterly in To live sustainably, we must live efficiently–not misdirecting or squandering the earth’s precious resources. Simplicity is not about a life of poverty, but a life of purpose. Dissatisfactions are the rumblings of the mind. Eating Outside the Box. The last third of the book was an expose about how the whole world needs to embrace voluntary simplicity and how the unfair it is that the rich nations have more than the poor nations.


Duane Elgin: “Voluntary Simplicity” – Reviews – Hermitary

While ecological living brings with it a reverence for nature, this does not require moving to a rural setting. I didn’t feel that any of these things were being forced on me as a reader, but presented everything as making a choice. The Path simplkcity the Heart And reading in the introduction, and seeing that over half of the material in the new edition was new material, I was even more keen to dive right in.

The things that I do own are selected on the basis of their utility, rather than their style or the fact that they are currently faddish. Cool to find that out The Love You Seek. We were harvesting a 40 acre field of lettuce and a crew of twenty or so migrant laborers arrived to go to work.

The book consists of three main sections.

To live more voluntarily is to live more deliberately, intentionally, nd purposefully — in short, it is to live more consciously. We enter a period of unprecedented cooperation and compassion which results in a New Renaissance of cultural, artistic, and governmental advances. To maintain a skillful balance between the inner and outer aspects of our lives is an enormously challenging and continuously changing process.

Voluntary Simplicity

The exploration of new ways of living that support new ways of being is a movement that arises from the awakening of compassion – that dawning realization that fate of the individual is intimately connected with fate of the whole.

And the thing is, once you realize how much you can live without, it feels really good and you want to cut down even more. Related DailyGoods Voluntsry The particularly expression of simplicity is a personal matter. Sinceit has delivered positive news to subscriber inboxes for free by volunteers every day. Simplicity in this sense is not simple.


Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich

He goes on to hypothesize about community involvement, and again talks about the difference between voluntary and involuntary simplicity. This was my duand issue with the book.

I don’t doubt the need for simplicity and will read more books for specific ideas in how to do so. Jun 27, Renate rated it did not like it Shelves: This fold differential between the rich and poor is double what it was in Trending DailyGoods Nov Rather it is a why-to, and a very ‘ This book was a real disappointment. The Japanese Words for “Space” 3, reads Nov From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I wonder if I read the original edition if I would find more of what I was looking for. To live efficiently, we must live peacefully for military expenditures represent an enormous diversion of resources from meeting basic human needs. About Us DailyGood is a portal that shares inspiring quotes and news stories that focus on the “good” we elgon find in our world daily along with a simple action to continue that goodness.

To the extent that we do not notice both inner and outer aspects of our passage through life, then our capacity for voluntary, deliberate, and purposeful action is commensurately diminished.

Nov 21, Chris Dumont rated it it was amazing.