Description. Limited edition of only hand numbered copies bound in stiff wraps, printed in two colors. London: Fulgur Limited, First Edition Thus. Results 1 – 7 of 7 Cosmic Meditation by Michael Bertiaux and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at [Michael Bertiaux, Robert Ansell] Cosmic Meditation. Uploaded by. Jimmy Ruiz. Bibliotbeque de Verseau No.1 Cosmic Meditation by MICHAEL BERTIAUX (FIYI.

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Sa man tra ba drat Priest: There isn’t any contradiction in Absolute Metaphysics between accepting the laws of ontologism and occasionalism and then saying that while we have intuition of all things we do not understand or comprehend all things.

Now, this spirit guide was simply the spirit of a high-priest, who had lived in Africa, Egypt, and Atlantis, before bsrtiaux came into their circle. The longer we spend in the silence the more it becomes for us a source of both physical and metaphysical strength. For this reason the Divine Mind has assigned to ccosmic of us a Spirit-Control. While it is true that this pathway of ‘cosmic medita- tion’ may appear to be like some schools of metaphysics; it does not rise to the surface of the mind as a particular teach- ing or dogma, or as any special type of doctrine.

I’his is the life within us which is the basis of our existence. The medium is an instrument of divine presence, and a worker in the world for the ultimate spiritual freedom of mankind. All that happens goes on within the Divine Mind, and if we find ourselves disliking bertiauxx that is happening, or has hap- pened, then we must meditatioh our minds, for God is never wrong.

Thus, to realise the inner mindfulness of the true and inner being we have come to that stage of truth which is known as deep meditation. The different ways in which it is seen by mankind testify to its existence, although differences of perception when interpreted give rise to the differences of metaphysics which divide the schools into the followers of the one pathway as different from the followers of another pathway.

Cosmic Meditation

You will carefully record and detail as much as you can recall or remember in a special note book kept for this purpose, so as to keep a sys- temic journal of what you have been doing and studying in the Computer. Each experience of Absolute Spirit serves to show us that spirit is the basis of all reality. Indeed, many mystics and spiritually minded people do spend more and more time in the silence and less and less time out of it, and for this reason they retain the health and beauty of youth, because they do not age when they are with- in eternity, rather than in the world of time.


In fact they are so basic and fundamental that a situation cannot be thought or imagined which does not make use of these principles of spiritual existence through which the universal presence of mind is demonstrated.

Thus, he enters more and more into the experience of that consciousness and comes to see it in its different principles and qualities. Buy only this item Close this window.

Cosmic Meditation by Michael Bertiaux

It is our basic intent to offer the very most that can be offered by any school of consciousness, for the simple reason that we will teach to you, as our lessons indicate, the basic methods for achieving the fact of communication with the higher and more spiritual worlds which make up the totality of the uni- versal realm of being. Cosmic Meditation by Michael Bertiaux. Get the item you ordered or get your money back. Hawaiian Magic or Huna Psychology 7.

Cosmic Meditation – Michael Bertiaux – | HPB

For this reason mankind has been blinded for many years by its own desire for power, and has not looked to the nearness of the spirit world for help when needed. The bertizux guide is usually of the same vibration as the student, although this is not a hard and fast law.

Keith marked it as to-read Dec 24, Refer to eBay Return policy for more details. Paul says, you have to test each spirit to see if it is sent by the Divine Mind or if it comes for some unsuitable and improper mischief.

As He grew more and more powerful and thus became a Loa, His work became more and more complex and it was then that other spirits came to take charge of the routine work, while He continued to work as both the god and the vudu computer of the group.


That made the church very effective for what it was to be used for. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Meditation is the true and divine art of living the real life.

The next law is The Law of Non-Contradiction, which asserts that every spirit is just as it should be and that it can- not be any other spirit.

The universe is about The Absolute as Truth and as One. Exploration of the Divine Mind. Furthermore, all things are what they are because they must be what they have done or accomplished. Alan rated it it was amazing Feb 24, The Elements of Technique.

My Bertiahx can understand this computer fully ;1I1d works along with this amazing instrument. The spirits to be found therein are so plastic that they will readily and easily assume any form that we seek from them. By this I mean that you will be sitting or lying comfortably, in loose clothing or undressed, and ready and willing to direct your consciousness into the great world of the Spirit-Guide masters of infinite Bon.

Such a person will have a closeness to the spirit world that goes beyond bertixux intimacy known on this earth, for his inner life which is his real life will be one with the world of the spirits and there he will live. But our own being is such that to know, and to know entirely, do not mean the same thing, for The Absolute is like a vast tower and we are now at the bottom in our comprehen- sion of the many riches therein contained.

You are walking quietly and there are figures ahead of you, and some behind you. In deep medi- tation, we go deeply into the world of mind which is between the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind.

This can only be experi- enced by the results of this meeting.