Results 1 – 7 of 7 Aveux non avenus by Claude Cahun and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Important art by Claude Cahun with artwork analysis of achievement and This is the first illustration found in Cahun’s autobiographical text Aveux non Avenus. The title Aveux non avenus does not lend itself to facile translation. While “Aveux” may be clearly understood as either “avowals” or “confessions,” the addition of.

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Evading himself so as not to become emotional: Would I want it if the law allowed you to bequeath things to yourself, dying so that you would belong to yourself? C — Real occult knowledge as practised by the initiated I know about the rest for the most part. Claude Cahun presentation inscription to: Cahun paid homage to the spectrum of Monnier’s activities in a piece she published in La Gerbe in In both I prefer excess, being the nearest thing to the absolute.

When the appropriate moment came we separated without so much as touching hands.

Behind the metal hedge, a smiling woman — open-faced, expressing nothing but trust, courtesy, the most agreeable politeness — gestures to the passers-by: It starts to move around, wanders about in my stomach, bursts into it with agonising cramps.


Be indulgent to your son; look after him well this hypocrite, beautify this talkative keepsake, give thanks unto him: And everything that affects the senses disagreeably.

Disavowals (Aveux non Avenus) by Claude Cahun | Susan de Muth

Eternity without you, without me, we have only to create it. How obvious his royalty was to me!

Pain is so overrated, so out of date! But we must be thankful for small mercies.

You are a museum piece, truly public. The Original one was not interested in other people… You really have gone too far. Fragile, a crystal sky, a blue-grey sky… Her eyes become murky and fade; her breasts prowl and their roses of love, their pistils stand up.

Information on the murderer, 26, rue Saint-Antoine. I would slander myself rather than try to seduce you with a simulated beauty.

Brelades, a remote parish on the isolated Channel Island of Jersey. La Gestapo chercha quatre ans en vain. Have an abrupt end? She did keep it largely. And so little in truth. I had moved without knowing it: What are your most obvious characteristics? Why do you prefer yourself to all others? Then, in front of a respectable wall, a good quality wall, he shut himself up in his dreams. The abstraction, the dream, are as limited for me as the concrete and the real. I hope for this with all my heart, I who love you with a selfishness bleached by so avexu tears… But maybe you will keep a simple, sure and deep friendship for me cahuj that too ambitious?


InClaude Cahun born Lucy Schwob published an autobiographical essay featuring photomontage illustrations. Roland Avvenus, Camera Lucida Is it all by chance? How everyday my soul is!

I can only read about others between your lines… — Icarus?

Disavowals (Aveux non Avenus) by Claude Cahun

In deep undergrowth roses, of whiteness pure and hard, hurl their blue thorns. Against all expectation he allows himself to be disarmed and shows no surprise.

Or maybe the atmosphere of dreams, life becoming easy.

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