Hemlock Bay (An FBI Thriller) [Catherine Coulter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. FBI Agent Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock must. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. FBI agents Dillon and Lacey Sherlock Savich Hemlock Bay (An FBI Thriller Book 6) – Kindle edition by Catherine Coulter. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Catherine Coulter is the author of the New York Times-bestselling FBI thrillers The Cove, The Maze, The Target, The Edge, Riptide, Hemlock Bay, Eleventh Hour.

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Big Bob, the lead, who had a twenty-two-inch neck, looked at the two agents comforting the boys and just held up his hand. There was no charm left, at all. I thought I had read most of the early FBI books, but then found this one on sale.

Not badif you can believe a woman who had a splenectomy along with other injuries got out of the hospital after a few days and within a couple of weeks managed to take down a couple of really bad dudes with her martial arts skills, fall in love after swearing off men, cojlter fly to Sweden to nab the head bad guy.

Savich and his wife and fellow agent FBI Agent Dillon Savich is on a challenging case involving the kidnapping of two teenage boys, when trouble boils up in his personal life. No, he couldn’t have heard right. There were two plots in this book and I kept waiting for them to come together but they never did.

Hemlock Bay (FBI Thriller, #6) by Catherine Coulter

It was time cohlter get the show on the road. Dillon calls in his art expert friend, Simon Russo, who discovers that half the paintings have been stolen and replaced with forgeries. He pressed his ear against the rotted wooden door of the tack room. Loose ends in this book are not tied off. One of the boys whispered, “What are they? Savich and his ckulter Sherlock you heard me correctlywho is also a Special Agent and who works in the field with her husband, fly to Eureka, California.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Jun 21, Sue rated it it was ok. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into a book and seldom rate a book less than a three, but because this was 6 of a hempock, I expect more from the author and the publisher than this one delivered.

The boy’s filthy pants were nearly gay off his butt. We’ve got your two treats for you, just what you like-two really sweet boys!

The killers want to murder Mommy.

The last thing we need is a dose of the supernatural. I bought this book because it’s labeled a thriller, but, it was more a romance novel hay using situations and language straight out of the ‘romance vaults ‘ – the vault with all the trite, go to language for romance novels.

Coulter creates such vivid characters and fast-moving plotlines that fans of her almost 50 novels will overlook her occasional leaps of logic tiny Lily defeats a mugger with a few quick karate chops and boilerplate dialogue ” ‘A young guy tried to murder me this morning. If anyone can come up with an explanation, I’d like to hear it. She’s in the hospital. Since you were the one in the middle of it, Savich, we want you front and center.

HEMLOCK BAY by Catherine Coulter | Kirkus Reviews

I expected this would be a romance novel but it was more a whodunit. Now she needed her brother and his wife to help her figure out exactly what had happen and why. No, that was crazy. Dillion Savich’s sister Lily has been involved in an accident and her husband says she tried to kill herself. Putnam Pub Group T Availability: Discover what to read next. If this was intended to be fantasy, it failed to establish and carry that sense from beginning to end.


This book like all the books in the series except book 4 was great, it moves quickly and is very entertaining. One of the cones seemed to leap forward, directly at them. You’re both all right.

Hemlock Bay

We’ve got a media frenzy cranking up. Quotes from Hemlock Bay. But is Timmy really Tammy?

Doulter Dillon and Lacey Sherlock adventures were all bestsellers, and most likely this one will be, too. Or are they mere puppets for Olaf Jorgenson, octogenarian Swedish shipping zillionaire and art collector who once loved her grandmother?

Me, I call my laptop, uh, my laptop. He quieted his breathing and listened. The Ghouls want you, they told me to hurry it up.


Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. What happened to the Frasiers? Second thread; one woman who can defeat 20 FBI agents by creating illusions out of thin air.

Do you want me to try for a synopsis here, or should I just cut right to my complaints? Skip to main content. Savich was afraid, that the Tuttle brothers were long gone.

It was time to see if the bad guys were in there. I think these boys are getting the medicine they need right now. Here come the Ghouls!

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