A bright beacon in the swirling darkness of the Immaterium for fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ line of Warhammer roleplaying games. living in the latter half of M41 in the Calixis sector. Calixis Sector is an Imperial sector located on the fringes of . map, even within the borders of the sector. The Calixis Sector has many heavily populated and important worlds, but it lies a great Efforts to map these have been hampered by adverse conditions.

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The area is sacred to Saint Drusus and is a destination for pilgrims from many sectors around, with many of its most notable places being religious in nature. Woe betide any inhabitants if the Astartes return to claim their property. The three planetoids, Het, Hesh and Hadd, enjoy an irregular orbit around their star, intersecting to produce events of ma. These sectors are connected to one another by relatively stable, if still hazardous, inter-sector Warp routes and the vast, uncharted reaches between each are referred to as Wilderness Space.

The dynasty fell with him, its estates invaded by rival families and its wealth confiscated aector the Administratum. The Magistratum does not interfere with duels and killing an opponent in a duel is not considered murder.

I wouldn’t use warp routes to judge 2d map positioning. This patrician veteran of galactic intrigue and conspiracy is concerned only that each world in his realm meets its Imperial tithe, having little or no concern how this is achieved.

Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse Map with Travel Times

Scintilla is the capital world of the Calixis Sector of the Segmentum Obscurus secto, and is a thriving Imperial hub that supports the largest planetary population in the sector.

The Tumble is the only area outside the Gorgonid that most of its serfs ever see. Skaelen-Har is a massive corporation founded on a set of comprehensive philosophical principles known as the Concordium.


Commander Hax himself answers to the commanders of the Segmentum Obscurus. In reality, crew who behave sectro often find that they suffer the consequences once they return to their normal work. Several of the castes, such as the Guardians Mercantile and the Coinwrackers, sell goods and services to crew and passengers. Mutants are common in the Gorgonid, as on the rest of Sepheris Secundus, perhaps due to the massive amounts of dangerous metals and chemicals that find their way into the dubious water supply.

They will result in an immediate ban. Each one has very strong ideas about the way the Inquisition should conduct itself and the length to which they must go to preserve the Imperium. I presume the special icon represents that. Ye gadz, I was just saying. The Jericho Reach is at once a region rich in resources and a potential curse upon the Imperium.

Probably OW’s campaign map then? Some say he is a deposed Imperial noble who fled to Iocanthos to avoid some scandal or tragedy, others that he is a dangerous fugitive criminal who found his true calling among the warlords and madmen.


You’re obviously too worked up to be on the internet talking about fictional FTL travel that involves entering a demon-invested miasma and taking any sort of sarcasm and instead choose to rage like a little boy. Order upon Sepheris Secundus is enforced by the troops of the various barons. Some mutants are well adapted to the hostile conditions, and a few even thrive in the Shatters. Trailing however is always straight ahead if you follow the track. Pious, Emperor-fearing citizens abound and pronouncements by Ignato or the Synod can be disseminated by the clergy and reach the ears of the average citizen far more effectively than through any other means.

The mutant barons and kings, it is said, are inhuman monsters from the depths of a nightmare, hellish abominations that range from enormous tentacled horrors to three-eyed seers who can read thoughts.


Sub-officio administrators are known by the rank Planetia Inquisitor and control local conclavium councils that resemble the High Council in miniature.

But in this case, master, the Tarot indicates it is actually true. An oddly serene, pastoral world of shepherds, flocks and herding where, curiously, no one lives beyond the age of forty years standard.

I’ve been reading the Encyclopaedia Calixia topic and added some Lathe Worlds stations to a more complete Calixis sector map. The nature of warp space is likewise not translatable to conventional logic.

Your input is helpful. Not all of us are continuously connected.

A world will experience a violent period of upset and revolution prior to its appearance. Most crew are true Voidborn and live their whole life on the starship. The workforce of the Lathes sctor surprisingly small but all those born and bred on those oddly tangling planetoids are meaty, squat and powerful in their demeanour, and built with heavy bones and mounds of flesh.

Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse Map with Travel Times – Imgur

The Skaelen-Har Hegemony is a very powerful and efficient heavy manufacturing corporation with concerns across the Calixis Sector, including hundreds of manufactoria in Hive Sibellus and Gunmetal City on Scintilla.

Certainly there are several species of lustrous bug and beetle that thrive in the desert, drinking dew off their armoured carapaces every dawn.

The standard of living is low on this bleak world and there calidis no system of government or order apart from the rubrics of the Imperial Creed. Most importantly they are trained in the strength of mind to resist the secular temptations that are a constant threat to the Sisters Famulous.