Bhagat Namdev Ji (29 October, – ) (Gurmukhi: ਭਗਤ ਨਾਮਦੇਵ) was born on October 29, in the state of Maharashtra village of Naras-Vamani. Poetry of Sant Namdev Ji in Punjabi-Hindi-Urdu. The spiritual message of Bhagat Namdev emphasized the importance of living the life of a householder ( grist. Bhagat Namdev Ji [Prof. Brahm Jagdish Singh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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He was asked by the king to show miracles. Namdev’s songs have been collected in Namdevachi Gatha which also includes the long autobiographical poem Tirathavah. Sikh News News in English. His Hindi verse and his extended visit to the Punjab carried his fame far beyond the borders of Maharashtra.

Bhagat Namdev Ji

Sri Guru Angad Sahib Ji. Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji. He refused to do so and was thrown before a drunk elephant to be crushed to death. Namdev peristed with his prayer and submission before the deities to accept his offer of milk with such devotion that God Himself intervened and entered the namdeev to accede the prayer of his devotee.

The so-called high caste preists in the temple snatched castanets from him and threw him out.

Articles Of Faith 5 K’s. You saved the prostitute, and the ugly hunch-back; You helped the hunter and Ajaamal swim across as well. Faith “In the imperishable realm of the Formless Lord, I play the flute bhagaat the unstruck sound current. He is the subject of many miracle-filled hagiographies composed centuries after he died. Nam Dev has left all these things, and is approaching God in utter submission. This is the way to find the Lord. Message of Unity for All One should lay aside differences between oneself and others, and feel no anxiety for things of the world.


Novetzke states that the envisioned devotion namdfv not one way from the devotee to Vishnu, but it is bidirectional, such that “Krishna Vishnu is Namdev’s slave, and Namdev is Vishnu’s slave”. A verse of Namdev reads; Naam Dev answered, “I am not your son, and you are not my mother.

Namdev – Wikipedia

The shabad by Bhagat Nam Dev in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib where the temple rotated towards his direction as he was not allowed to sit in there. Touching the philosopher’s stone, I have been transformed into gold. The sanctum enshrines the standing image of Vithoba also known as Panduranga, Pandhari or Vitthala. Five Takhts – Holy Thrones. Without the rainy season, the clouds shake with thunder.

They dig deep foundations, and build lofty palaces. In each and every heart, and deep within the very nucleus of all, is the One Lord. Takht Sri Hazur Sahib. Guru Ram Das ji acknowledges his uniquely beautiful love for the Divine and refers to it in one of his hymns: The earliest surviving Hindi and Rajasthani biographies from about only mention a few miracles performed by Namdev.

This one devotee abides within my heart. Namdev thus played a role, states McGregor, in shaping the religious base for the “premodern and modern culture of north India”. Like Kabir and the Sufis, Namdev bhagta very other worldly. Namdev not only claims union with God, but, like Kabir, also states that more than once God miraculously intervened on his behalf to reveal Himself to him, or help him. Namdev gives the example of his own life to exhort us that no true devotee namfev God ever gives up his own faith in God as a result of any pain, operation, cruelty or material temptation.


The sanctum enshrines the standing image of Vithoba also known as Panduranga, Pandhari or Vitthala. They have not anmdev remembered what he said but have actively followed his tenets. Some of them were also tailors as this was a profession connected with clothes.

Bhagat Namdev Ji

Callewaert and Lath state that, “each single song of Namdev is a musical and textual unit and this unit is the basis for textual considerations”. They alone understand, unto whom You give understanding. Most of the spiritual message of Bhagat Namdev, just like our gurus’, emphasized the importance of living the life of a householder grist Jivan and that through marriage and having a family one bhagxt attain enlightenment.

Aside from a shrine there that marks his death, there are monuments at the other claimant places, being Pandharpur and the nearby Narsi Bahmani. In his early fifties, Namdev settled down at Pandharpur where he gathered around himself a group of devotees.

I can see no other. Details of the life of Namdev are vague. God saved His own bhagat. One Universal Creator God. God also reaches His devotees, His worshippers and saves their honour, protects them and glorifies them in the Truth.

She then, stopped pressing him due to the obvious strength of his convictions. This humble devotee of God, had heartfelt sadness at this. They had four sons and one daughter. He became a disciple of Bhagat Naneshwar, a holy man of Maharshtra.

I will not abandon my Lord, and turn my thoughts to another. Though in his devotional approach, he is clearly a monotheist, he makes many pantheistic statements too, e.