Arthur Posnansky, followed by Kurt Bilau have proposed a date of circa BC as the date of fall of Tiwanaku. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures. La obra de Phelipe Guamán Poma de Ayala “Primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno.” (Escrita entre y ) by Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala(Book). Archaeologist, engineer and director of Bolivian cinema of Austrian origin born in Vienna in and died in La Paz in Its activities.

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After being a refugee in Europe, Posnasnky moved to Bolivia to claim compensation for his services to this country. However, it must be mentioned that the dating conclusions of Posnansky, Schoch, Bauval and Gilbert are all hotly disputed. New York, New York.

Another proof which we can bring to bear, and with greater reason, to prove the very great age of the culture of Tihuanacuis that connected with the great diffusion attained over the whole continent by the famous “Staircase Sign. As it has been demonstrated with abundant material in the preceding paragraphs that in the interior of Kalasasaya there exist remains of relatively modern constructions which, with the present balcony wall, belong to the Third and Last Period of Tihuanacu, it is absolutely necessary to consider the astronomical angles which it contains.

It has been proven, by the studies and conclusions of celebrated authorities in modern geology and geography, especially by the monumental works of Professor Albrecht Penckformer Director and Founder of the Oceanographic Institute of Berlin, that the continental ices of Europe exerted an enormous pressure on those lands, over which they lay.

These monuments were under the surface of the waters some four hundred years ago, when Spanish feet first trod the Altiplano. An overview, including a video, of the origins of Antarctica commencing when it was part of the Gondwana, the supercontinent, can be viewed online n.

The book only dealt with the idea of Atlantis in Antarctica in the first couple of chapters [ ]. InWhen the Sky Fell was revised and republished as an e-book a with a modified sub-title. This was the same year that Jim Allen published his Atlantis: Archaeologist, engineer and director of Bolivian cinema of Austrian origin born in Vienna in and died in La Paz in In other zones located farther to the north, a little above sea level, the regions remained in a static condition. While his business ventures thrived, the Bolivian Government recognized Posnansky’s service during the Acre Campaign.

I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense. By analogy it is possible to determine that the last glacial period took place in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time as in the Northern, since there is no atmospheric nor cosmic factor that we have been able to discover, that could have prevented it.

File:Arthur Posnansky 3.jpg

In it broadcast its proposal to drain the waters of the river Desaguadero to Pisagua through a complicated system of aqueducts and tunnels. From what has been discussed in previous chapters, there is not the least doubt that this building was indeed built on the astronomic meridian and its angles were the points marked exactly by the amplitude of the sun between the solstices.

  IRAM 4504 PDF

An ice core, 3 km long, which was recently recovered from Antarctica, has shown a continuous record stretching backyears. For such research, the Bolivian Senate awarded him a gold medal in and he later became Director of the National Museum. On the basis of the above length and width of the “sanctum sanctorum”, the index of the latter is 89 instead of the 91 of the exterior building of the Second Period. In the light of this discussion it is very difficult to think that the culture of man on the Altiplano and the construction of his magnificent metropolis belongs to a relatively recent epoch.

Archenhold, Director of the Observatory of Treptow Berlin called our attention to this notable publication. Then, that this mighty army from ten regions of South America were defeated by the small city-state of Athens is just as laughable.

There is no doubt but that if sensible excavations were carried out, various others would be discovered.

Thus, for example, the idols on the line to the south side have again taken on the appearance of rough stone; only the largest, which except for the face was covered with a layer of alluvium still preserves its magnificent embossments and carvings. La lengua “chipaya” Carangas, Bolivia by Arthur Posnansky Book 8 editions published in in Spanish and Undetermined and held by 25 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

It is to be noted that at that time the line of sight passed perfectly through the reentrant angle of the first terrace and that was especially the case when the observation point at the center of the wall of the Posnajsky Period was at a height, as in fact it was, as is indicated by the above mentioned poanansky which was discovered.

There is also a large collection of related images on a YouTube clip m. However, if we examine this phenomenon with precision instruments, we note a difference of approximately eighteen angular minutes, which represents the change in the obliquity of the posnanskyy between that of the period in which Kalasasaya was built and that which it has today.

When the independence movement in the State of Acre broke out inPosnansky supported the Bolivian Government; your River boat, which it renamed with the name of Iris, to participate in the blockade of the rio Acre put at the disposal of the authorities of La Paz during the contest.

By consulting the literature cited in the notes accompanying the text, artueo and precise information may be had about all the subjects which have been treated very hastily in the present chapter. Other mysteries are the fact that saltwater Lake Titicaca contains known sea life and that old waterlines are slanted c. This is an important fact and one which leads to the conclusion that this structure which we have called the “sanctum sanctorum” was the solar observatory of the Third Period of Tihuanacu.

The purveyors of this nonsense know that they will be long dead before the icecap melts, if ever, and the irrationality of their claims are finally exposed.

Arthur Posnansky

He was especially interested in those found along the shoreline and on the islands of Lake Titicaca. A further expedition was planned, but never materialised because of the start of World War II. Many pages could be written to enumerate the destructive effects of erosion on the blocks of Posnansjy which, posnanskj the quality of the material of which they were composed, and the period during which they were protected from the exterior elements, suffered the effects of time in an intense fashion.


Only after conceiving the idea of investigating the age of these remains posnans,y human activity in prehistoric America, the most notable ruins which have come down to us, and using astronomical resources to this end, has a slight ray of light penetrated this mystery.

Posnansky, Arthur [WorldCat Identities]

I prefer to accept the words of Plato, who unambiguously noted on two occasions that Atlantean territory stretched from southern Italy to North Africa, providing more rational launching pads for attacks on Greece and Egypt. He, after many arfuro of study, was convinced that Tiahuanaco was the oldest civilisation on Earth [ ] dating it to around 15, BC. This estimate takes into account the periodic fluctuations which occur in this great lagoon.

Because of it one can say that in every place where the culture of this continent has appeared, there can be noted a substratal Tihuanacu. Posnansky also photographed mining towns, villages and numerous rural settlements, issues on xrturo has published numerous books.

Published June 10, Little by little, or rather, century by century, the northern part of the present Altiplano and mountain ranges rose as a result of the cessation of the aforementioned weight of the ice, and it was then that there was produced an initial inclination which drained the first great glacial lake. All these facts make evident the enormous lapse of time which separates us from the period in which they were erected and carved.

Tony Morrison is probably best known for his definitive work on the Nazca Lines, Pathways to the Gods [ ]. During this period Kiss worked with Arthur Posnansky and advanced the idea that Tiahuanaco had been built by Nordic refugees from Atlantis Thule more than 17, years ago. But it did not happen thus; no memory has remained of that epoch; already at the time of the Conquest, the Indians, when asked regarding the age of Tihuanacu, replied that those monuments had always been there or that they had appeared on the dawn of a very remote day or that they were constructed by a race of giants, called “Huaris”, before Chamak-pacha.

The Astronomic Science of Tihuanacu.

I have now published my new book, Joining The Dots, which offers a fresh look at the Atlantis mystery. The Bolivian Altiplano, for example, posnansku prehistoric seat of the greatest culture of the Americas, which, as we shall prove farther on, did not have the great height above sea posnansk that it has today, did not because of its proximity to the equator, undergo a glacial period as long as that in the territories of present-day Argentina.

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