Arbatel of Magick Translated by Robert Turner, Converted to Acrobat format by Benjamin Rowe August, ARBATEL of MAGICK: or, The spiritual. Translated by Robert Turner, Converted to Acrobat format by Benjamin Rowe August, Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By Robert Turner. The Arbatel De Magia veterum (English: Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients) was a Latin grimoire of.

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Arbatel of Magick

Both kindes of Magick are different one from the other in their ends: And he is truely miT, who hath given unto all things, that they be that which they are: Non despiciat aliquis orationem suam: In magcik place it shall suffice, that we distinguish the Sciences, which is good, and which is evil: To keep the word of God, so that the arbatsl one snatch it not out of the heart, is the chiefest precept of wisdom. Such were, and to this day partly, if not altogether, arbatdl the corruptions which have made odious the very name of Magick, having chiefly sought, as the manner of all impostures is, to counterfeit the highest and most noble part of it.

But he shall never aspire to the highest kindes thereof; yet if he covet to assail them, he shall doubtless offend both in soul and body.

Some are the watch-men over Kingdoms; others the keepers of private persons; and from thence, anyone may easily form their names in his own language: Because if he shall find them to be such assistants.

In the Acts of the Apostles, the Spirit saith unto Peter after the Vision, Go down, and doubt not but I have sent themwhen he was sent for from Cornelius the Centurion. There is no other maner of restoring these Arts.

Olympus and the inhabitants thereof, do of their own accord offer themselves to men in the forms of Spirits, and are ready to perform their Offices for them, whether they will or not: Some are destroyers of Cities, as those two were, who were sent to overthrow Sodom and Gomorrhaand the places adjacent, examples whereof the holy Scripture witnesseth.

We have already declared what a secret is, the kagick and species thereof: Therefore rest in this: The handwritten Greek of Turner: The Characteristical maner of calling Angels succeedeth this faith, which dependeth onely on divine revelation; But without arbatell said faith preceding it, it lieth in obscurity.


Arbatel of Magic

Dei cohercentur suis limitibus. Hermes, the Spirits of the more sublime parts of the minde. Let the Magician carefully hide himself alwaies under the wings of the most High, lest he offer himself to be devoured of the roaring Lion; for they who desire earthly things, do very hardly srbatel the snares of the devil.

This is that which John the Baptist speaketh of: Donation box will open here in pop-up — no taking you away from the site.

We do detest all evil Magicians, arbaatel make themselves associates with the devils with their unlawful superstitions, and do obtain and effect some things which God permitteth to be done, instead of the punishment of the devils. But arbayel Study of all wisdome is in the East. God requireth of thee a minde, that thou shouldest honour his Son, and keep the words of his Son in thy heart: I beseech thee, O heavenly Father, do not give power to any lying Spirit, as thou didst over Ahab that he perished; but keep me in thy truth.

The governor Aratron hath in his power those things which he doth naturally, that is, after the same manner and subject as those things which in Astronomy are ascribed to the power of Saturn. Ac ab omni leuitate, superbia, auaricia, maagick, inuidia, impietate sibi caueat, qui talia tractat, nisi miserabiliter perire velit. But he will not that we give holy arbael to dogs, nor despise and condemn the gifts of his treasury. Thy soul liveth for ever, through him that hath created thee: But arbael he have any knowledge in Magick, they will not be unwilling to shew him, and famil- iarly to converse with him, and to serve him in those several ministeries, unto which they are addicted; the good Spirits in good things, unto salvation; the evil Spirits in every evil thing, to destruction.

There are other names of the Mwgick spirits delivered by others; but they onely are effectual, which are delivered to any one, by the Spirit the revealer, visible or invisi- ble: The author remains unknown, but Peterson believes one Jacques Gohory — to be the most likely possibility. The magivk and onely way to all secrets, is to have recourse unto God the Author of all good; and as Christ teacheth, In the first place seek ye the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Arbatel of Magick, Free PDF, ebook | Global Grey

Quem suo charactere dignatur, ad maximas dignitates msgick, obiicit thesauros Aereos conciliat Spiritus, qui vera dant responsa. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy strength, and thy neighbour as thy self: Now first of all produced out of darkness into the light, against all caco-Magicians, and contemners of the gifts maggick God; for the profit and delectation of all those, who do truely and piously love the creatures of God, and do use them with thanksgiving, to the honour of God, and xrbatel of themselves and their neighbours.


Nemo potest sibi accipere quicquam, arbatdl ei datum fuerit desuper. Forasmuch as thou camest in peace, and quietly, and hast answered unto my petitions; I give thanks unto God, in whole Name thou camest: Non nobis Domine non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam. The fourth is, To be remote and cleer from all manner of superstition; for this is superstition, to attribute divinity in this place to things, wherein there is nothing at all divine; or to chuse or frame to our selves, to worship God with some kinde of worship which he hath not commanded: But our stomacks are not now so queazie and tender, after so long time feeding upon solid Divinity, nor we so umbragious and startling, having been so long enlightened in God’s path, that we should relapse into that childish Age, in which Aristotle’s Metaphysicks, in a Council in France, msgick forbid to be read.

Nevertheless there is a mixture in all things, good with evil, of falsehood with truth, jagick corruption with purity. The fifth division is, That some do act with Spirits openly, and face to face; which is given to few: The Arbatel mainly focuses on the relationship between humanity, celestial hierarchies, and the positive relationship between the two.

Turn over therefore with thy hand, both night and day, those holy Writings, that thou mayest be happie in things present, and blessed in all eternity. Other things there are, which by reason of the ignorance of the true God, are done with the Princes of Spirits, that his desires may be fulfilled; such is the work of the Mercurialists.