Betrifft die Handschrift Cod. der Burgerbibliothek Bern. Antiphonale missarum sextuplex. René-Jean Hesbert Published in in Bruxelles by Vromant. Services. Reference details. Antiphonale missarum sextuplex: d’après le graduel de Monza, et les antiphonaires de Rheinau, du Mont-Blandin, de Compiègne, de Corbie et de Senlis.

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The other two the translations of St.

traduire de

The horizontal, very short ascender of Uncial d, and the bifurcated horizontal finials on T and L are typical elements of the Roman Uncial model that was developed in the late sixth century, copied as far as Wearmouth-Jarrow and northern France since the eighth century, but that kept being used in ninth-century Rome and many of whose elements were adopted in the Roman Caroline and in the minuscola romanesca, as shown by Armando Petrucci and Paola Supino Martini.

Saint Ouen was succeeded by Ansbertus, a worthy prelate, and glorious through his holy works. This blessed pontiff was an honest spirit, irreproachable in manners, and attentive to the salvation of the souls with which he was charged. Sources have been divided into five groups.

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It would be logical to assume that, since the latter of these institutions actually received one of the monks in question, the order preserved in its annals is correct. BessinGuillaume ed.

Enraged, the people of Rouen entered the church and attacked the archbishop. Nec est frivolum, sed firmum et ratum prout prout] missafum ut M. The AAR survives in two eleventh-century manuscripts.


Roberta Binotti

Quo fit, ut de utroque sed alio et alio modo, sextuolex predicatione predicetur primus primus] primum M.

Through a palaeographical analysis of the hands themselves, and the manuscripts in which the AAR appears, some clarity is possible with regards to the identity of at least one of the authors.

Thus, of Nicasius or Mallonus, it is true to say, but in a different sense, that both were the first bishop of Rouen: After some time, and by mutual agreement, it was decided to begin the Mass so that, while the archbishop might come, it was not to be shortened on such a solemn day.

Terciam civitatem, Evatinorum, que dicitur Ebroicas. The appearance of the latter on folio 9v—a form which is never used in the folia of the codex where the hand of folios 1r-8v appears—clearly demonstrates that it was written by sextullex different scribe. Hugoni, Ratbertus, vir prudens et strenuus. For an unpublished critical edition, with a French translation, see Devos, p.

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However, he requested that the aforesaid abbot might show him the relics of the blessed man, lest the place where Benedict had faithfully served God lose such great protection: The Lord does not choose the inhabitants because of the place, but the place because of its inhabitants Cf. Ouen ; rv a vita of St. Among such a multitude of various ages, sexes and orders, we believe there was no lack of people who, of a carnal spirit, regretted having done evil less than not having found any way of stopping themselves from being deprived of the joy of the festival, and that those who were of better judgement blamed this tumult on their sins, lamented over their broken vows, and sighing after the forgiveness of their patron saint, were embarrassed of their acts.


All of these elements will be considered on the basis of a comparative table that will be presented and discussed below Faute de notation, il fallait absolument les chantres romains, afin de remplacer les anciens chants liturgiques.

The list of Alleluias is usually found after the series of Sundays after Pentecost. The first folio f. Riculfo, successit Iohannes devotus devotus] lac.

It is even possible that he clung to his position at least until early Therefore we should treat these results as a general framework into which to place the Ambrosiana fragments and not yet as a definite claim about their original liturgical context. One should also note the use of e instead of the diphthong ae The foliation skips from v to r, hence the reduction in the number of folios by ten.

Perhaps the best example of this practice is the reference made to a passage of De civitate Deiwhich runs as follows: It must be said, however, that this last point does raise some critical issues: It is shameful to say that the matter had to be decided in such a way on that day.

Rex concilium episcopos suos convocare fecit. This is considered autograph Rivet de la Grange, viii, p.