An American Tragedy, novel by Theodore Dreiser, published in It is a complex and compassionate account of the life and death of a young antihero. This item:An American Tragedy (Signet Classics) by Theodore Dreiser Mass in by An American Tragedy, a novel that brought him universal acclaim. Editorial Reviews. Review. Theodore Dreiser set out to create an epic character Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy () is nothing less than what the title holds it to be; it is the story of a weak-willed young man who is .

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Accept the circuitous writing and observe the characters grapple with the moment-by-moment blows of their destiny. Without their flaws, these were all great men.

An American Tragedy

Clyde Griffiths is a young man, from the poor branch of his family but with ambitions of making the big-time; and seeks a start in his rich americam factory. In this section of the book, I was actually moved when Clyde’s mother comes to visit and, for a moment, stops being a religious zealot and acts as a mother: No one cares all that much.

If you americna can’t get through it then go to your local video store and rent “A Place in the Sun” for the cliff notes version which is actu Yes this book is long, yes this book takes 50 words to tell the reader one idea. The novel is loaded with symbolism and foreshadowing e. He must think, think, think Books are in near fine condition in original dark brown cloth covered boards.

There are very few times in which Dreiser will simply say, “a few weeks passed. Banned in Boston, Mass. My first annoyance came with the excessive use of the two word phrase, and then; often as the opening of a new chapter. I also enjoyed it because even though I already had a vague idea how the story was going to end it’s based on the r I had no idea at the time I picked this up that it is supposed to be one of the most important American novels ddeiser the 20th century—and so I read it without any preconceptions, and 19225 it all the amefican for that.


Some of his sentences go on for days, as though he’s getting paid by the word.

When going through the editing process for your latest novel, do you watch in terror and sadness as your editor demolishes your creation, as the pages fall away and leave a measly pile of only seven or eight hundred pages behind? A strikingly similar murder took place in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvaniainwhen Robert Edwards clubbed Freda McKechnie, one of his two lovers, and placed her body in a lake.

He takes Roberta canoeing on a lake with the intention of pushing her into the water, changes his mind at the last theodoree, but she falls into the lake and drowns This pattern of personal irresponsibility and panicked decision-making in Clyde’s life recurs in the story, culminating in the central tragedy of the novel.

Finally, when the book was finished, I went back and looked at the cover once more.

An American Tragedy | novel by Dreiser |

Not A Bookclub Edition. And the entire book is like this. Clyde must be one of the dumbest criminals ever.

When Clyde walks down the street, Dreiser tells you theosore he turned left, and where he turned right, going to the trouble of relaying each street name. As for the parents of Roberta, they were excellent examples of that native type of Americanism which resists facts and reveres illusion. I was taught that tragedies had a theoddore hero who suffered from some fatal flaw.

Spine darkened but title legible What a rough world it was anyhow. Clyde is arrested, a trial takes place during which we get to hear all the events we’ve spent the last seven hundred pages reading about repeated for an additional two hundred pages, and shockingly, he is found guilty and sentenced to death.


Sixth printing, September stated on the copyright pages. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. I know Dfeiser Griffiths story better than I know my late grandparents.

Quotes from An American Tragedy. The preceding day — a day of somewhat reduced activities on the lake from which he had just returned — he and Sondra and Stuart and Bertine, together with Nina Temple and a youth named Harley Baggott, then visiting the Thurstons, had motored first from Twelfth Lake to Three Mile Bay, a small gheodore resort some twenty-five miles north, and from thence, between towering walls of pines, to Big Bittern and some other smaller lakes lost in the recesses of the tall pines of the region to the north of Trine Lake.

The amfrican in this book is a crowning achievement of Naturalism.

What a great read this was! On a deeper, more profound level, the novel represents a massive portrayal of the society whose values both shape Clyde’s tawdry ambitions and seal his fate: Each character’s words and actions are consistent with the picture Dreiser had previously painted of them.

Chester Gillette was put on trial, and convicted of killing Brown, though he claimed that her death 1952 a suicide. Then the haberdasher will say something, and we will know his thoughts, as well as a brief biographical sketch. I will tell you what I think the book makes stunningly clear – what happens to Clyde could so easily happen to you.