I call my discovery the ABHA Torus. It is now the full completion of how to engineer Marko Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics. The ABHA Torus. I designed this pulse motor to enter the “Pulse Motor Build Off” linked here: http:// ?tid= I h.

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I have been trying for a while now but its hard to do without a 3D model, but as far as I can tell from 2D skins etc, this is my hypothesis: Have a look at the below 30 min video on treating cancer metabolically. By the way your mention of fools in your blog heading is not for you to decide. If experimentally proven correct such a model would for example replace the standard approach to toroidal coils used in energy production today by precisely defining all the proportional and angular relationships existent in a moving system and revealing not only the true pathway that all accelerated motion seeks be it an electron around the nucleus of an atom or water flowing down a drain tous in addition revealing this heretofore unobserved, undefined point energetic source underlying all space-time, motion, and vibration.

So the 9 is the centre of the torus, 3 and 6 represent the upper and lower hemispheres and the six D. Why not use 3?

Co-ordinates and Orientation

Just to make sure you know what I mean, if you draw a 5×5 square around any lot of tiles on the above skin, and re-iterate – you will reproduce the skin but slightly differently.


Even the film Inception discussed the 3 levels of the mind. All of them obey the same conditions only in a differnt order. My personal opinion is very much in favour of there being more behind our reality than we perceive. But Marko says that the 9 is the Z axis. We gotta just stop being ignorant to our potential and equity of our existence. But I get pretty pissed at seeing people get screwed over by charlatans.

ABHA Torus Pulse Motor by firepinto – Thingiverse

C numbers are rotating on all 3 axis I have a feeling this has something to do with the other 2 ABHA torus skins that are derived by squared primes overlayed on this skin above that are not 3,6 or 9s – namely 5 then 7 then 11 then 17 then 19 etc I did not have to use any glues. What evidence would be consistent with it?

Click to save as artist’s preferred kit. I designed this pulse motor to enter the “Pulse Motor Build Off” linked here: Why should the infinity symbal which was invented in the 17th century, and chosen because it looked sort of like a number, and sort-of like the last letter of the greek alphabet have any intrinsic meaning to the universe?

You can’t just move on one axis at a time. In the ABHA Torus the numbers never move but the functions move through the numbers modeling vibration and the underlying fractal circuitry that natures uses to harness living energy. Each one holds a divine uniqueness and spirit of its own that shines positive forms of light and energy into their presence.

Co-ordinates and Orientation – Vortex Based Math

This is because the ABHA Torus provides us a mathematical framework where the true secrets of numbers qualitative relationships based on angle and ratio are revealed in fullness. To post a Make, come back to this Thing and click Post a Make. I made an arithmetic error in the initial version of the base sequence above. Customize Framing or choose Canvas Print.


Take the numbers 1 through 9, and put them at equal distances around the perimeter of a circle. It was pointed out in comments by David Wallace. Description Hand drawn digitally colored sacred geometry by Derek R Gedney.

Simply click the button below and we’ll pass along a note to them.

They rotate in a sequence, which I can only imagine has to do ahba the vorticular action that is spinning in all 3 axis at the same time – expanding out to the outer perimeter from top to bottom and contracting back to the centre – which would be a one way flow pattern. And why do the numbers fit in when there are clearly more and smaller holes visible?

The central square is your new number since if you add all the numbers in that square it will reduce to that central number. Now for sum of my recent discoveries part of this was discovered by someone else based upon simple formulas try this: What evidence would be inconsistent with it?