Editorial Reviews. About the Author. I’ve always loved to write, but after my first attempt at a Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. A Notorious Proposition (Winter Garden series) by [Ashworth, Adele]. Read A Notorious Proposition by Adele Ashworth by Adele Ashworth by Adele Ashworth for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone. A Notorious Proposition is somewhat misleadingly titled – there is no notorious proposition in the book, at least not that I noticed. Instead, set in , it features .

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It annoys me when a slight misunderstanding is allowed to get so out of control when it’s easy enough to explain what happened and hope for the best. Only Ivy also notlrious another purpose: To try to find the missing twin brother she believes to be in danger.

Madeleine DeMais and Thomas Blackwood from previous play a part in the book ashworfh it was good This book takes up where the Winter Garden leaves off. A Hint of Seduction. Do the tunnels hold more than just cobwebs and dead cats? For the Duke’s Eyes Only. Adele was destined to be a singing, reading, reporting, Miss America. The idea of law school seemed far less enjoyable after immersing herself in Victoria Holt at the age of twelve.


Even worse, Garrett believes Ivy may be behind his betrayal.

Aug 11, Ashworrth rated it liked it Shelves: She was still in love with him and he was still in love with her but he still had his secret and no memory of what happened two years ago after her left the room and went hunting for the diamonds. Aug 07, Laine rated it it was amazing.

A Notorious Proposition

To partners in crime Ivy once loved Garrett with a virtuous heart, but these days she can barely stand him. Madeleine DeMais and Thomas Blackwood from previous play a part in the book and it was good to see them again.

And no sex in a carriage. Not only was Adele a bit lacking in genius to put it bluntlybeing five feet and two inches tall, and possessing quite possibly the shortest legs in the history of womanhood left Adele doing well in talent portions of the contests, but lacking other…necessary attributes.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But the man that hurt her leaving here without a goodbye was in town as well. Besides being a decent Regency romance, there is a good “mystery” story line as well. And I liked Ashworth’s writing. The Duke of Lies. Two years later Garrett still has amnesia, asks Ivy to use her psychic powers to help him find the diamonds, her brother gets caught and imprisoned in a dungeon.


Dec 04, Lucimar rated it liked it. The story was interesting, as the characters worked to solve a mystery, but for me this book was all about the relationship and interaction between the hero and heroine. It’s good but not as great as Winter Garden. A couple who met two years ago and the gentleman took the woman’s virginity and then left on the hunt for diamonds that truly belonged to him but he was keeping a secret that the girl didn’t know about.

A Notorious Proposition (Winter Garden #3) by Adele Ashworth

Books by Adele Ashworth. Jun 30, Dancer rated it it was amazing. Feb 01, Bonnie rated it liked it Shelves: The Duke of Ruin. They don’t do the deed again until well past page I have never read this author before. She has always felt she’s led a rather dull life on her road to becoming a romance author. A Notorious Propsition Confesses.